Guidelines and Standards Subcommittee

Electronics Industry Data Exchange, Inc.

This is a joint EIDX and CompTIA ECSB subcommittee.

Chair, 2003 Linda Zavecz Motorola Corporation
Co Chair, 2003 Jeff Garwick Bourns, Inc.
Co Vice-Chair, 2003 Casey Stevens ST Microelectronics
Co Vice-Chair, 2003 Rich Solberg TDK
Board Liaison Rich Morrissey American Power Conversion
Task Forces
Task Force Convenor Company
XML Cross-Reference Team (XRT) Greg Olsen Contivo
Bob Kokko HP
RosettaNet Guideline Reviews Linda Zavecz Motorola


The Guidelines and Standards Subcommittee develops implementation guidelines for ASC X12 transactions, EDIFACT messages and other standards, including XML standards, and publishes recommendations for usage of these transactions and messages (supporting documents).   These publications (available via links on the navigation bar to the left) are called EIDX Conventions, but colloquially called 'transaction set guidelines'. Supporting documents provide detailed implementation recommendations that apply to one or more transactions or messages. XML is evolving as a possible standard for web-based electronic commerce. This and other developments in internet commerce are being evaluated by GSS.

Guidelines Development is a hotbed of activity for EIDX. Guidelines Subcommittee is responsible for the development of implementation conventions that support the business process models defined in Business Process Subcommittee. Guidelines activities focus on both ASC X12 based transactions, and UN/EDIFACT based messages.