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EIDX Consignment Scenarios - Supporting Documentation

Data Requirements for Consignment Scenarios

Special Notes:           

This section contains a "technology-independent" view of the data requirements for Consignment processes.  The individual business content and technology standards have specific requirements - see Overview of Business Documents Used in Consignment Processes for more information.  There are additional notes about data items that are common across all purchase order-related documents.

Consignment processes generally don't have many data requirements for the public process beyond data already contained in some frequently used messages.  Adding the data elements to existing maps is usually not problematic, which is why many partners choose to use an existing transaction/message rather than mapping a separate message just for reporting inventory usage.  The problem that occurs is that the back-end systems are often not built with consignment in mind, and can't store or process the data, and don't have functionality to recognize the correct event for transfer of ownership.  See Inventory Audits and Reconciliation and Inventory Activity and Transfer of Ownership.  See also Overview of Business Documents Used in Consignment Processes.

The following data items are usually required when reporting a transfer-of-ownership event:

See also the discussion on Back-End systems and Consignment.

Last updated 03 January 2003