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Debits and Credits Model 7 - Credit Claim (Bill-up to Book), Version 1.0 
Status:  Balloted and Ratified by Membership via Distributor Scenario 1 ratification, August 2002

Process Activities

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Activity Diagram     Narration


Narration   Activity Diagram

Step Description
A. At Start State A, the component supplier has reviewed sales data and determines that product for which a distributor took a Debit Claim has been returned by the distributor's customer.
1. The component supplier generates Credit Claim to the distributor to back-out the debit that the distributor took. This is also known as "Bill up-to-book."  
2. The distributor processes the Credit Claim to determine if the request is valid.
3. The distributor responds to the Credit Claim.  The distributor will either approve the request, deny the request, providing a reason for the denial, or mark it as pending.

If the claim is approved, then the distributor then adds the credit (to the component supplier) to the amount owed component supplier from other transactions.

If the initial response is "pending," the component supplier should expect to see a follow-up response within a reasonable amount of time.  The definition of "reasonable amount of time may be based on the Trading Partner Agreement.

B. At end state B, the distributor has accepted the component supplier's claim.   All claims have been processed by both parties and both parties know the status and disposition of the claims.
4. The component supplier processes the distributor's response.
C. Start state C indicates that the Credit Claim Response sub-process may be invoked if the distributor needs to send a follow-up response to the distributor.
D. At end state D, the distributor has sent a response as required under the Terms and Conditions Agreement.  All claims have been processed by both parties and both parties know the status and disposition of the claims.



Last updated 24 February 2003