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Forecast/Planning Model 3 - Consumption (Planned Usage) Schedule, Version 1.0
a/k/a Supplier-Managed Inventory Forecast
Status:  Provisional Ratification by Committee November 2000.
Recast of Pre-2000 Version A Forecast Models (Balloted and Ratified by Membership, August 1997)

Data Requirements by Forecast Type - Consumption (Planned Usage) Schedule (FC3)

Special Notes:            

This section contains a "technology-independent" view of the data requirements for this forecast type.  The individual technologies have specific requirements - see Index of Business Documents for more information.

Forecast Model 2 inherits Basic Forecast Data and Basic Line Item data from the Class Diagram: Basic Data Requirements.   The additional information sent in Supplier-Managed Inventory (SMI) forecast files is somewhat different than what is sent in other types of forecast files. This forecast will contain five major pieces of information. They are:

All of these pieces of information are necessary for a supplier to manage the buyer’s inventory. Once the supplier receives this information, the supplier must take the appropriate steps to calculate the ship quantities and dates required to keep the buyer’s on-hand balance between the desired minimum and maximum targets. The process of determining ship quantities and dates, or "netting" will vary from supplier to supplier, and may be proprietary information. As such, methods for netting are not covered in this document.

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Last updated 05 January 2003