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Forecast/Planning Model 3 - Consumption (Planned Usage) Schedule, Version 1.0
a/k/a Supplier-Managed Inventory Forecast
Status:  Provisional Ratification by Committee November 2000.
Recast of Pre-2000 Version A Forecast Models (Balloted and Ratified by Membership, August 1997)

ASC X12 830 Examples

Special Notes:    

Index of 830 Examples

Example 4: Consumption Schedule (Supplier-Managed Inventory) - Detail available in the 830 Guideline Document

This example supports Forecast / Planning Model 4 (Forecast-Based Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI)) and Forecast/Planning Model 8 (SMI, Third-Party Warehouse), and assumes that all parts sent in the Planning Schedule are on a blanket PO. The Blanket PO Number is sent at the header level.

Supplier Managed Inventory is a process within which the supplier relies on a manufacturing or sales based forecast to calculate required shipment quantities and dates to maintain the customer's available inventory. The calculation is made using gross (un-netted) forecast quantities, available inventory, Minimum and Maximum inventory targets and in-transit inventory. In-transit inventory is calculated by using receipt data reported in the 830 Planning Schedule to determine which recent shipments are still in-transit to the customer.

If Blanket POs are single item PO's, each planning schedule transaction set will contain one line item (one LIN loop); if Blanket POs are multiple item, the transaction set may contain several items (several LIN loops), but all items must be on the same Blanket PO. Gross requirements are sent as planned schedules.

ST*830*000000001’ This is a Planning Schedule (forecast) transaction with transaction set control number 000000001.
BFR*05*53868069 98032600000014SMI**PR*A*20000326
This is a full replacement forecast. The forecast number is 53868069 98032600000014SMI. This is a forecast-based supplier-managed inventory schedule, with planned consumption dates, and schedule quantities are discrete. The forecast horizon is March 26, 2000 through December 31, 2000, and the forecast was generated on March 26, 2000. The contract number is 85-360, and the blanket purchase order number is 53868069.
N1*BY*MIGHTY OEM*1*002344986' The buying party is Mighty OEM, and their DUNS number is 002344986.
N1*ST* MIGHTY OEM *1*002344986' The Ship-to party is Mighty OEM, and their DUNS number is 002344986.
PER*BD*GLORIA DEI*TE*415-555-4442' The contact in the buyer's department is Gloria Dei, telephone 415-555-4442.
LIN**BP*182034-23345*EC*G' The buyer's part number is 182034-233345, and the engineering change (part revision) is G.
UIT*EA' The unit of measure is Each.
PO4****REL90' The parts are packaged in tape-and-reel, standard.
QTY*17*58890' The buyer's quantity on hand is 58890.
QTY*40*12300360' The quantity remaining open on the blanket orders is 12300360.
QTY*64*1400' The past-due demand (requirement against the quantity on hand that is not reflected in the forward-looking schedules) is 1400.
QTY*72*26036' The minimum inventory level is 26036.
QTY*73*97500' The maximum inventory level is 97500.
FST*3221*D*D*20000403' The planned consumption quantity for April 3, 2000 is 3221.
FST*4196*D*D*20000410’ The planned consumption quantity for April 10, 2000 is 4196.
FST*6362*D*W*20000814’ The planned consumption quantity for the week of August 14, 2000 is 6362.
FST*6581*D*D*20000821’ The planned consumption quantity for August 21, 2000 is 6581.
FST*4011*D*D*20000828’ The planned consumption quantity for August 28, 2000 is 4011.
FST*32154*D*M*20000905’ The planned consumption quantity for the month beginning September 5, 2000 is 32154.
FST*150000*D*F*20001002*20001229’ The planned consumption quantity for the interval from October 2, 2000 to December 29, 2000 is 150000.
SHP*75*12500*050*20000313’ 12500 units were received March 13, 2000.
REF*IV*IV22012’ The invoice number associated with the receipt is IV22012.
SHP*75*2500*050*20000323’ 2500 units were received on March 23, 2000.
REF*IV*IV22363’ The invoice number associated with the receipt is IV22363.
CTT*1*216500' CTT Transaction Totals
SE*26*000000001' SE Transaction Set Trailer

Last updated 05 January 2003