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Inventory Management Model 7 - Report Receipt of Goods, Version 1.0 
Status:  Provisional Draft October 2002. Created in preparation for recasting of Shipment Models into Logistics Scenarios

Business Overview

Special Notes:

Sent by one party to notify another party that a shipment of goods has been received.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration


Narrative (see also Graphic):

Step Description
1. The buyer orders goods per the appropriate Replenishment Scenario.
2. At the appropriate time, the seller ships goods and sends a Ship Notice to the buyer.
3. Buyer receives goods then generates and sends a receipt advice message to the seller.  The receipt advise may include reporting of exceptions.   The seller uses the Receipt Advice to close out the open Shipping Item in the Shipment application.
4. Billing and payment occurs per the appropriate Financial Scenario.


Last updated 02 January 2003