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Order Model 1 - Discrete Purchase Order, Established Customer, Established Product, Version 2.0 
Status:  Provisional Ratification by Committee April 2000. Created as part of recast of original order models, Pre-2000 Version C (Balloted and Ratified by Membership, November 1996), into Replenishment Scenarios.

ASC X12 850 Examples

Special Notes:    

Example 1:  Standard Discrete Purchase Order - Detail available in the 850 Guideline Document

This is an example of a discrete, stand-alone, standard purchase order. A standard PO is for an established partnership.  Because the partnership is established and the product is a repeat-buy item, the buyer can send codes for many items.  For example the buyer can send an address code for the Ship-To address, rather than the full address.   This example conforms to EIDX Order Model 1.



This is a purchase order, and the transaction set control number is 000000001.


This is an original stand-alone order.  The PO number is CA223598, the order date is January 6, 2002 and the contract number is K93101.


The order is for resale (tax exempt, and the Tax ID number is 9933325567.


Freight is prepaid and is FOB.


Terms are basic based on delivery date with a 10% discount if paid within 10 days, net 30.


The origin carrier is Federal Express and the shipment is to go by air.

N1*BT*ELECTRIC FACTORY*01*002344986'

The bill-to party is Electric Factory, and their DUNS number is 002344986.

N1*ST*ELECTRIC FACTORY*01*002344986'

The ship-to party is Electric Factory, and their DUNS number is 002344986.

PER*BD*GLORIA BAUER*TE*408-555-4442'

The buyer contact is Gloria Bauer and her telephone number is 408-555-4442.



The line item number is 1.  The total order quantity is 2500 and the unit of measure is 'Each'.  The unit price of 15.25 is based on a contract.  The buyer's part number is AG125542, and the Engineering Change level is A.


The requested ship date for 2500 units is April 29, 2002.



There is one line item in the transaction set, and the sum of the PO102 order quantities is 2500.


There are 13 segments in transaction set 000000001, including the SE and ST.


Last updated 05 January 2003