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Pre-Order Model 10 - Design Win Registration, Version 1.0 
Status:  Pre-Ballot Dract Component of Distributor Scenario 2 - Design Win, August 2002

Business Overview

Special Notes:

Allows a distributor to submit a request to register a design in order to become eligible for Design Win financial incentives.  The component supplier will respond by either approving the request (the distributor has achieved a design-in) or denying the request (someone else achieved the design-in already or the component product is no longer eligible for Design Win incentives).

See also Assumptions in the supporting documentation.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration


Narration   Overview (Use Case) Diagram

Step Description
1., 3. - 5. The graphic above depicts the Design Win scenario.  See Distributor Scenario 2 for information about the adjacent component models.
2. This model:  When a distributor's customer has agreed to design-in a component eligible for Design Win incentives, the distributor sends a Design Win Registration request to the component supplier.  The request may include a request for Ship-from-Stock and Debit Authorization so that the distributor can submit debit claims for stock shipped at non-discounted price as soon as the distributor has met all the criteria for Design Win incentive awards.  The component supplier responds with either an approval or a denial.  The component supplier may deny the registration if another registration for the same product and same end-customer has already been approved.


 Last updated 01 February 2003