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Pre-Order Model 5 - OEM Sales Representative Quote Process, Pre-2000 Version A 
Status:  Balloted and Ratified by Membership, August 1996

Business Overview

Special Notes:

This model may be re-cast as a scenario.

Intended to be used when the Buyer desires direct and/or specific distribution quotes, and the OEM Rep/Supplier will coordinate this effort as a service. If the Buyer requests distribution quote, the OEM Rep/ Supplier will forward quote to Distributor who will then respond to Buyer. Otherwise, the OEM Rep/Supplier will send quote to Buyer.

This model is not recommended as a business practice to be used in the Pre-Order process, however it is documented because it is a practice that occasionally is used to accommodate (or as a service to) the buyer.

See also Assumptions in the supporting documentation.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration

qtmodl5.jpg (36278 bytes)



Narration   Overview (Use Case) Diagram

Step Description
1. Buyer sends Request for Quote to OEM Sales Rep
2. (If Distributor pricing) OEM forwards RFQ to Distributor
3. (If Distributor pricing) Distributor responds to Request for Quote to Buyer
4. (If Direct pricing) OEM responds to Request for Quote to Buyer
5. (Optional) Buyer transmits Contract Award to Distributor
6. (Optional) Buyer transmits Contract Award to OEM

Last updated 01 February 2003