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Associating Parts and Suppliers

While we at EIDX/CompTIA have agreed upon some terminology and what acronym means what, just be aware that you will not find the terms used consistently by your trading partners.  The term "AVL" (Approved Vendor List), for example, has long been used to describe all of the things in the blue box below.  Every  company has had it's own terminology, and one company's AVL is another company's AML, and vice-versa.  The same name is used by two companies to describe two distinct things, and different names are used by different companies that describe basically the same thing.  

The point is:  When discussing concepts with a trading partner or solution provider or whoever, ask them what they mean whey they use a term or acronym

What are AMLs and ASLs used for?

An AML or ASL (AVL) sent to advise recipient of the qualified sources and suppliers of a product or component.

What are BOMs used for?

The images below represent the following: