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EIDX and EDIFICE Business Models

Subject Clickables (Online)

MSWord 2002

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EIDX Pre-Order Business Models for Quotation Processes  (8/96) Pre-Order 371KB 90KB
EIDX Order Business Models (7/97) Replenishment 520KB 106KB
EIDX Financial Business Models (2/2000) Financial 1.7MB 1.6MB
EIDX Forecast/Planning Business Models (7/97) Replenishment 820KB 137KB
EIDX Consignment: Two-Party Models (8/97) Consignment 300KB 116KB
EIDX Consignment: Multi-Party Models (7/98) Consignment 993KB 187KB
EIDX Distributor Scenario 1- Ship-from-Stock and Debit (12/2002) Distributor 591KB 980KB
EIDX Distributor Scenario 2- Design Win (12/2002) Distributor 560KB 765KB
EIDX Sales Reporting Models - Non-Consignment Processes (2/2000) Sales 1.1MB 96KB
EIDX Shipment Models - Domestic and International (5/93) Logistics 236KB 178KB
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EDIFICE Forecast & Inventory Management Business & Information Model Guideline -- PDF Only
EDIFICE Physical Distribution EDI implementation Kit- 1 -- PDF Only
EDIFICE S&D Business & Information Model Guideline -- PDF Only
EDIFICE Self-billing Business & Information Model Guideline - Issue 2 -- PDF Only

EIDX Guidelines Supporting Documents

Subject Clickables (Online)

MSWord 2002

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Conventions used in EIDX Supporting Documentation
Implementation Recommendations for Blanket Purchase Order Transactions (7/1997) BPO 287KB 117KB
Implementation Recommendations for Change Orders and Acknowledgments (4/1997) PO
275KB 100KB
Implementation Recommendations for Transactions Used in Forecast / Planning Models (3/1997) Forecast 309KB 125KB
Implementation Recommendations for Price Protection Business Process (4/1997) N/A 186KB 73KB
Implementation Recommendations for Price Catalog Transaction (10/1997) N/A 828KB 203KB
Implementation Recommendations for Product and Other Identifiers (6/1997) General 1.2MB 262KB
Implementation Recommendations for Transactions Used Quotation Processes (10/1997) Pre-Order 191KB 60KB
Implementation Recommendations for Static Product Data (3/1997) N/A 744KB 142KB

EIDX ASC X12 Implementation Guidelines


Subject .DOC or .RTF


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Conventions used in EIDX Guidelines
810 Invoice 1.7MB 465KB 174KB
812 Credit/Debit Adjustment - used for Price Protection Debit Claim, Price Protection Debit Response 831KB 242KB 168KB
820 Payment/Remittance Advice 950KB 259KB 172KB
830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability, used for Planning Forecast, Material Release Schedule, Consumption Plan (SMI Forecast) 1.2MB 376KB 180KB
830 Response to Forecast 1.1MB 350KB 169KB
832 Price/Sales Catalog, used for Price/Sales Catalog, Price/Sales Catalog 1.0MB 300KB 167KB
840 Request for Quote 1.3MB 395KB 165KB
843 Response to Request for Quote 1.5MB 414KB 165KB
844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment 709KB 251KB 168KB
845 Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status 745KB 249KB 167KB
846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice 882KB 256KB 167KB
849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment 809KB 275KB 171KB
850 Purchase Order used for Purchase Order (Discrete), Purchase Order (Blanket) 1.7MB 419KB 178KB
852 Product Activity 477KB N/A N/A
855 Purchase Order Response, used for Response to Discrete PO, Response to Blanket PO 1.5MB 391KB 176kb
856 Ship Notice/Manifest 204KB 122KB 168KB
860 Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated, used for Discrete Purchase Order Change Request, Blanket Order Change Request 1.4MB 355KB 172KB
861 Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate 880KB 268KB 169KB
862 Shipping Schedule, used for Release Against Blanket PO 688KB 226KB 166KB
865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request - Seller Initiated, used Discrete Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment, Discrete Purchase Order Change Request - Seller Initiated, BPO Change Response, BPO Change Request - Seller Initiated 1.3MB 352KB 173KB
867 Product Transfer and Resale Report 2.5MB 663KB 171KB
869 Order Status Inquiry 396KB 163KB 168KB
870 Order Status Report 859KB 264KB 170KB
997 Functional Acknowledgment 445KB 189KB 179KB


EDIFACT Implementation Guidelines from EDIFICE

For EDIFACT transactions, EIDX recommends guidelines produced by our sister organisation, EDIFICE.  EIDX has obsoleted any EDIFACT guidelines for which EDIFICE has a guideline; EDIFICE is reviewing the remainder of the EIDX guidelines for addition to their repository.  Where an EDIFICE guideline exists, the EIDX web site links to the EDIFICE guideline; links are still in place to EIDX guidelines that are not yet in the EDIFICE repository.

Message Title
Special Notes:        
ATHSTS D.97A Authorization Status
BORDERS D.97A Blanket Purchase Order
CONTRL D.3 Syntax and Service Report
CUSCAR 92.1 Customs Cargo Report
CUSDEC 92.1 Customs Declaration
CUSRES 92.1 Customs Response
DELFOR  D.98B Planning Schedule with Release Capability
DELFOR D.98B Response to Forecast
DELJIT  D.97A Shipping Schedule
DESADV D.97A Ship Notice/Manifest
IFTMAN D.97A Shipper's Arrival Notice
IFTMIN D.97A Shipper's Letter of Instruction
IFTSTA D.97A International Multimodal Status Report
INVOIC  D.97A Invoice
INVRPT D.97A Inventory Report for Inventory Management
INVRPTDS D.97A Inventory Report Distributor to Supplier
INVRPTSD D.97A Inventory Report Supplier to Distributor
ORDCHG  D.97A Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated
ORDERS D.97A Purchase Order
ORDRSP D.97A Purchase Order Acknowledgment
OSTRPTSD D.97A Order Status Report - Supplier to Distributor
OSTRPTDS D.97A Order Status Report - Distributor to Supplier
PRICAT D.97A Price/Sales Catalog
QUOTES D.97A Response to Request for Quote
RECADV  D.97A Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate
REMADV D.97A Remit Advice
REQOTE D.97A Request for Quote
SERSEG Service Segments
SSDCLM D.97A Debit Claim
SSDRSP D.97A Debit Response
SLSRPT  D.97A Sales Report


Last updated 01 February 2003