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EIDX Classes - eBusiness Education


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Terms of Use and Copyright Notice:   Before downloading any of the class presentations on this page, please read EIDX's Copyright Notice and Legal Disclaimers Everything on this site is copyrighted; the copyrights are owned by CompTIA unless otherwise indicated.  If you are a dues paying member company in good standing, you are hereby granted authorization to use and distribute these EIDX classes within your company, except as otherwise noted.  You may not reproduce these EIDX classes for resale and must retain the CompTIA/EIDX Copyright Notice on all materials.  Non-dues paying members may download these classes for review, but may not reproduce or otherwise use or present these materials without prior written authorization from CompTIA.  If you have any questions, please contact any Board Member, or Corporate Secretary.

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Getting Started

EC Basics - Introduction to Electronic Commerce 2.2MB 2.4MB
Tour Clickable Business Models 279KB 106KB

Business Process Curriculum

The "Business" in "e-Business":  An Introduction


2.4MB 3.0MB

Parts 1-2

925KB 1.5MB

Parts 3-4

1.2MB 1.6MB
Fundamentals of Purchase Order Business Processes 2.4MB 1.9MB
Fundamentals of Replenishment Business Processes 2.9MB 945KB
Introduction to EIDX Business Model Development Process 2.4MB 3.0MB
Business Process Modeling in UML: A User’s Tutorial 903KB NA
Web Services 101: Its Current State and its Impact to your B2B Strategy 1.2MB NA

EC Technologies Curriculum

Introduction to the Internet 707KB 2.8MB
Introduction to the World Wide Web N/A 319KB
Introduction to XML N/A 630KB
Introduction to XML Schema 958KB 659KB
XML Schema-A Business Tutorial 552KB NA
Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) Overview 7.2MB 2.9MB
Universal Data Element Framework - UDEF 201 7.2MB NA

Guidelines and Standards Implementations Curriculum

Introduction to ASC X12 Mapping N/A 1.1KB
Introduction to EDIFACT Mapping N/A 197KB
RosettaNet 101 1.4KB 2.2MB
Transmission Verification and Reconciliation 605KB 316KB

Last updated 27 February 2003