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EIDX Subcommitee Relationships

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EIDX Subcommittee Responsibilities

Brainstorm List - Subcommittee Responsibilities and Tasks:

BPS - Business Process Subcommittee

Maintain subcommittee-specific process flow
Maintain handbook, procedures and templates
Maintain  BPS Framework/Architecture
Business Process Models Recast
  • Activity Diagrams (state diagrams that collect scenarios) - high level business processes
  • Others as needed
Model abstract and concrete methods
Business process descriptions (high level summary and detailed narratives - attributes/operations of the business process)
Identify basic data requirements for supporting business process (High level class attributes, technology independent)
Identify classes of objects (e.g. what transactions/messages to use for each technology option)
Identify/document process constraints
Relate models to states of objects
Pre-conditions and post-conditions
Sponsor pilots; publish results
Document assumptions
Web navigable presentation of models (web access to all models and supporting info)
Downloadable documents
Fill the gaps in BPS Framework
What then? Repositories?
Conduct PIP Reviews
RosettaNet status updates
TECH - Technology Subcommittee
Maintain subcommittee-specific process flow
Maintain handbook, procedures and templates
Develop and Maintain Technical Implementation Framework:
  • Identify core and enabling technologies for inter-networked eBusiness
  • Base architecture - basic technology options (user view and IT view)
Identify new and emerging technologies and potential usage in eBusiness
EC Matrix
  • General guidelines for choice of technology
  • Specific recommendations
Validate technology recommendations in business models
  • Identify key technical components for business models
  • Identify/document technical constraints
Downloadable documents
Liaisons with External Groups
  • ebXML and successors
  • OAGI
  • UBL
  • Others
Conduct RNIF reviews
RosettaNet status updates


Maintain subcommittee-specific process flow
Maintain handbook, procedures and templates
Data models (Static UML Models)
  • Class diagrams
  • Attributes (elements), data properties
  • Inheritance rules
  • Schemas, DTDs
X12 Transaction Guidelines
EDIFACT Message Guidelines
XML Document Guidelines
  • RosettaNet
  • Any others
Message/Transaction Examples
Downloadable documents
Liasons with External Groups
  • DISA/X12
  • RosettaNet
Conduct RosettaNet DTD and Guideline reviews
Education and Promotion
Maintain handbook, procedures and templates
Quarterly Newsletter
Maintain classes and solicit volunteers to teach at conferences
Maintain "How to Host" procedures
Conference Theme Planning
EC/EDI Effectiveness Surveys