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Implementation (Technology) Options

Implementation Option 1 (Traditional EDI) - What You Need for Implementation
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Application Interface Software
Network Service Provider
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All the items listed in Basics You Need for Implementation are required for the "traditional" or legacy EDI, with exceptions noted below.

  1. Application Interface software
  1. Gateway - The gateway specifically requires functionality and dictionaries to support the legacy EDI standards, X12 and/or EDIFACT.  Multinational companies may support both standards, a U.S.-based company may support only X12, and a non-U.S. company may support only EDIFACT.  The gateway also requires functionality for "legacy" VAN communications methods.
  1. Network Service Provider -Because the internet was not secure and widely available until recently, and point-to-point network connections were expensive to support, legacy EDI has used  Value-Added Network (VAN) services for over 30 years.
  1. Hardware - Digital technology has only recently become available; legacy communications with EDI VANs uses Analag Modem(s) and telephone lines.  Most connectivity is dial-up, with direct-connection leased-lines used only by the largest companies.


Last updated 02 March 2003