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Implementation (Technology) Options

Implementation Option 5a (Buyer's Web Application) - How It Works:  Run Time, Outbound
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Data Extraction from Application
Transmit to Gateway
Identify File
   Map and Validate or Pass-thru
   Envelope for Transmission
Transfer to Extranet Application
Log Transmission Data
Supplier Login
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  1. Data is extracted from buyer's application data base, using application integration software, typically into an interface file, usually a proprietary, flat-file format.  Some applications extract data into one or more standard formats.  The file must contain some identifier that the gateway will use to know how to process the file.
  1. If the application and the gateway are on different machines, an internal communications network is used to transmit the application data file to the gateway.
  1. The data from the buyer's application is transmitted to a specific directory on the gateway server.
  2. The intranet gateway has a "listener" software function that polls directories continuously on the gateway.  When the presence of a new file is detected, the listener launches the appropriate processing and connection to the extranet gateway.
  1. The gateway uses the identifier in the application file to retrieve information about what to do with the application file.
  • The legacy EDI file is translated into OAGI XML.  The OAGI file will be the interface file format for the web application.
  • Develop maps needed to translate outbound and inbound business documents used in the business process.
  • How the file should be enveloped for transmission from the intranet server to the extranet server.
  1. A gateway scripts executes the communications connection script and transmits data from the intranet server to the extranet server using secure FTP.
  1. The gateway may log information about the transaction, including date and time sent to the extranet application.  Since the transaction is going to the buyer's own application, the seller would not be expected to send a receipt acknowledgment.  However the gateway should receive some kind of signal indicating that the transmission was successfully posted to the extranet application, and it may be desirable to set up exception handling to notify the buyer if the seller has not logged on to the extranet application and read new messages within an agreed timeframe.


  1. The supplier logs in with the URL provided by the buyer.  The connection to the web server uses HTTPS.


Last updated 02 March 2003