Electronics Industry Data Exchange Association
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The Association of Electronics Companies Committed to Electronic Commerce


What is EIDX?

The Electronics Industry Data Exchange Association (EIDX) was formed in 1987 as an incorporated, nonprofit, association of companies from all segments of the electronics industry.  In September, 2001, EIDX became a section of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

EIDX serves as a forum for electronic commerce within the industry. EIDX also works with other industries where EIDX guidelines may fit their business needs.

EIDX has a governing board, and four subcommittees:

Governing Board

Business Process Subcommittee

Technology Subcommittee

Guidelines and Standards Subcommittee

Promotion and Education Subcommittee


Electronic information exchange will be a basis for enhanced economic and industrial growth into the next century.

EIDX enables the Electronics Industry to improve business processes through standardized and innovative uses of current and emerging technologies.


To provide the framework for all segments of the Electronics Industry to meet the information challenges as industry and business practices evolve. EIDX will provide the forum for the Electronics Industry to continuously:

  • Evaluate and recommend optimal business processes.
  • Develop and publish business models and standards implementation guidelines that represent current and emerging industry practices.
  • Educate and promote the implementation and utilization of electronic information exchange.
  • Research, develop and pilot new information exchange methodology and promote its standardization.
  • Establish and leverage strategic alliances with other electronic commerce and industry organizations worldwide.
Membership Benefits

EIDX membership is corporate and available through CompTIA.  Members tell us they join EIDX because ...

  • EIDX Represents the majority of the electronics industry and is recognized as such by other organizations
  • It is a forum for education in Electronic Commerce processes and technologies
  • They have access to EIDX’s intellectual property and “Members Area” page on the web site
  • They can avail themselves to the knowledge and experiences of other member companies
  • It provides an opportunity to contribute to the direction and evolution of Electronic Commerce standards and processes that will benefit the industry.
  • Exposure to industry best practices
  • Access to solutions from industry experts for in-house projects
  • Their trading partners are already there
  • It is in their interest to promote the EIDX recommendations down the supply chain – making sure implementations comply to the EIDX recommendations
  • They can refer back to the association in case of implementation issues with their trading partners
  • They have access to the membership and can send out technical/business related questions and get answers back from a variety of companies located worldwide.
  • They have the possibility to meet their trading partners and competitors face-to-face
  • They want to be in the front seat to follow-up on new/changing developments
  • They have access to other organizations through the EIDX liaisons, i.e. EDIFICE, RosettaNet, etc.
  • They can promote their company, host meetings, attract new trading partners and establish new business relationships
  • They can send as many employees as they like to the conferences without paying additional registration fees of $550/person. 
  • They can call upon support from the EIDX secretariat