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Business Models

Copyright notice: As a dues paying member company in good standing, you are hereby granted authorization to use and distribute these EIDX business model documents within your company. You may not reproduce these EIDX Business Models for resale. You may wish to use these as your company models and we would encourage this. If you have any questions, please contact any Board Member, or EIDX Secretariat

As you look at this matrix, some items will be hyperlinked.  This means that the document is available for you to 'download' in the format indicated. A left mouse-click on the hyperlink will launch a viewing application, if your browser is configured to recognize the file type. A right mouse-click on the hyperlink will give you a dialog box in Netscape that will prompt you to Save As... (type application/rtf). Save the file with the source name provided and you'll be OK. (Hint: you may also hold the shift key down, and click. This will automatically save the file with the name provided. If there is no hyperlink, the item is not currently available.

"Clickable" Business Models

Important note:  Pre-1999 business models are undergoing recast into Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation, and some restructuring.   In addition, we've been adding cross-references to XML standards, such as RosettaNet.  The Downloadable business model documents have not been updated.  Always refer to the "Clickable Business Models" for the latest and greatest information.  That area of the website also contains very useful information on newer, internet-based technologies.  The changes to the existing models have not changed the original intent of the models published here in this table, but are (we hope) improvements to presentation that enhance understanding of the business processes and how to implement them.

Note:   PDF versions area available in Clickable Business Models Index.

Pre-Order Business Models for Quotation Processes - MS Word 97 (8/96)
Order Business Models - MS Word 97 (7/97) Issues Log (Updated 5/98)
Financial Business Models - MS Word 97 (2/2000)
Forecast/Planning Business Models - MS Word 97 (7/97) Issues Log (Updated 1/99)
Evaluated Receipts Settlement - now included in Financial Business Models - MS Word 97 (2/2000)
Inventory Management Business Models for Consignment: Two-Party Model - MS Word 97  (8/97)   Issues Log (Updated 12/98)
Inventory Management Business Models for Consignment: Multi-Party Models - MS Word 97 (7/98)   Issues Log (Updated 12/98)
Sales Reporting Models - Non-Consignment Processes - MS Word 97 (2/2000)  Issues Log
Shipment Models - Domestic and International - Powerpoint 97 (5/93)