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EIDX Collection of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - See also Glossary - E

This letter last updated 26 December 2002

E Electronics
e.g. For example (from Latin "exempli gratia)
E-beam Electron beam
E199 See EOI
E2E Exchange-to-Exchange
EAC Extranet Access Client, Nortel Networks, software component of NAI
EAD Earliest Arrival Date
EAI Enterprise Application Integration/Integrator
EAN EAN International (used to be refer to European Article Numbering)
EAR Exclusive, Allow Read access
EARN European Academic Research Network
EAROM Electrically Alterable ROM
EAS Enhanced Automatic Setup
EASE Electronic Assisted Solicitation Exchange, USN
EAU Expected Annual Usage
eB-BCP ebTWG Business Collaboration Patterns and Monitored Commitments Project Team
eB-BCS ebTWG Business Collaboration Protocol Specification Project Team
eB-BIM ebTWG Business Process Information Model Exchange Schema Project Team
eB-BIO ebTWG Business Information Object Reference Library Project Team
eB-BPS ebTWG Business Process Specification Schema Project Team
eB-CCS ebTWG Core Components Specification Project Team
eb-CBP ebTWG Common Business Process Catalog Project Team
eB-EBA ebTWG Electronic Business Architecture Project Team
eB-U2X ebTWG UBL to XML Design Rules Project Team
eb-XBD ebTWG XML Business Document Library Project Team
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization
ebTWG U/N CEFACT Electronic Business Transition Working Group, which should eventually become ebWG.
eBUG eBusiness User's Group
ebWG Electronic Business Working Group, currently called ebTWG.
ebXML (obs.) Electronic Business XML, jointly run by OASIS and CEFACT (c.f. XML), now ebTWG and various OASIS work groups.
EC Economic Commission (abbrev. for EEC)
EC Electronic Commerce
EC Engineering Change
EC European Community, the twelve member states of the European Economic Community
ECA Electronic Components, Assemblies, Equipment and Supplies Association
ECC Error Checking and Correcting, type of memory
ECC Error Correction Code/Circuitry
ECCC Electronic Commerce Council of Canada
ECCMA Electronic Commerce Code Management Association
ECE East Central Europe
ECL Emitter-Coupled Logic
ECM Early Detection Mode
ECM Electronics Contract Manufacturer
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association
ECO Engineering Change Order Electronic Commerce Platform Nederland
ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act
ECR Efficient Consumer Response
ECR Engineering Change Request
ECRLOT Every Customer Receives Lots Of Trash
ECRLOT Extended Carrier Route (Line of Travel), USPS
ECRWSH Extended Carrier Route, Walking Sequence High Density, USPS
ECRWSS Extended Carrier Route, Walking Sequence Saturation, USPS
ECSA Exchange Carriers Standards Association
ECSB Electronic Commerce Standards Board, CompTIA
ECSC European Customer Support Center, Amsterdam
ECSI European Customer Satisfaction Index, c.f. CSI
ECT ElectroConvulsive Therapy
ECTF Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
ECU Electronic Control Unit
ECU European Currency Unit
ED Ending Delimiter, FDDI
EDA Electronic Design Automation
EDAC Electronic Design Automation Companies
EDB Economic Development Board
EDC Electrical Date Code
EDC Electronic Data Control
EDC Electronic Draft Capture
EDC Engineering Data Controller/Change
EDC Engineering Date Code
EDC Engineering Documentation Control
EDF Environmental Defense Fund
EDGE ?? wireless protocol standard
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDIF Electronic Design Interchange Format
EDIFACT EDI For Administration, Commerce and Transportation
EDIFICE EDI Forum for Companies with Interests in Computing and Electronics
EDIINT EDI over the INTernet, IETF
EDIMAN EDI for MANufacturing
EDIRA EDI Registration Authorities, EDIFACT
EDM Electrical Discharge Machine
EDO Extended Data Output
EDO RAM Extended Data Out Random Access Memory
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EDS Earth Data System, NIIT
EDS Electronic Data Systems Corporation
EDS Electron Dispersion Spectroscopy
EDT Electronic Data Transfer
edu EDUcational (.edu  in an URL indicates an educational institution web site)
EE Electrical Engineer(ing)
EEC European Economic Commission
EEG ElectroEncephaloGram
EEMA European Electronic Messaging Assoication
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEPLD Electrically Erasable Programmable Logic Device
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory
EEROM Electrically Erasable ROM
EET Electronic Engineering Times
EFA European Fixed Asset
EFL Emitter-Follower Logic
EFL English as a Foreign Language
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTA European Free Trade Association, composed of Austria, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
EG see e.g.
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter, 640x350 resolution
egid Effective gid
EGO Everyone's Got Opinions
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol, a networking protocol
EGS Engineering Graphics System
EHF Extremely High Frequency
EI Electrical Inspectorate, Finland
EIA Electronic Industries Association
EIAK Electronic Industries Association of Korea
EIAJ (obs.) Electronics Industry Association Japan, now JEITA
EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EIDX Electronics Industry Data eXchange Association
EIEIO (n.a.) aggie spelling for "farm"
EIN Employer Identification Number
EINA Encrypted Inbound Network Access
EIO Enhanced Input/Output architecture
EIO Electronics Industry assOciation (code standards)
EIP Electronics Industry Pilot (Internet investigation)
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EIT Enterprise Integration Technologies
EKG ElectroCardioGram (doctors can't spell, either)
ELLC Enhanced Logic Link Control
ELO Electric Light Orchestra
EMA Electronic Mail Association
EMA Extended Memory Area
EMC Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
EMEA European Agency for the Evolution of Medicinal Products
EMF ElectroMagnetic Field
EMF ElectroMotive Force
EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference, see also RFI
EMID Electro-Mechanical and Interconnect Devices
EMM Expanded Memory Manager
EMPN Equivalent Manufacturer's Part Number
EMR ElectroMechanical Relay
EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services provider (CM)
EMS Emergency Medical System
EMS Enquiry Management System
EMSP E-mail/Messaging Service Provider
EN Electronic News
ENA Electronic Networking Association
ENT Ear, Nose, and Throat, medical specialty
EOD End Of Data
EOE Effective Order Elective
EOF Electronic Order Fulfillment
EOF End Of File
EOI Excessive Operator Ignorance
EOM End of Month
EOP End Of Period (for billing)
EOQ Economical Order Quantity
EOS Earth Observing System, NASA
EOT End Of Tape
EP Export Permit number
EPA Electronic Purchasing Agreement
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
E-PAC Electronic Packaging and Assembly Concept
EPI Epitaxial
EPI Exceptional Performance Incentive
EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center
EPIC Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
EPL Everyday Paper Line
EPN Extended Part Number
EPROM Electronically Programmable Read-only Memory
EPS Earnings Per Share
EPS Encapsulated PostScript
EPS Enterprise Parallel Server
EQ Encephalisation Quotient (brain size relative to body size)
ER Elizabetha Regina (the Queen)
ER Emergency Room
ERA Earned Run Average
ERA Electronics Representatives Association
ERA Equal Rights Amendment
ERASMUS European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act, 1974
EROM Erasable ROM
EROS EuRopean Order Statistics system
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP Entity Reporting Process
ERS Emergency Response System
ERS Evaluated Receipts Settlement
ERS External Reference Specification
ERT Emergency Response Team
ES Expert System
ES External Specification
ESA Endangered Species Act
ESA European Space Agency
ESC ESCape character, one of the ASCII character set
ESC Enterprise Standard Cost
ESCON Enterprise Systems Connection, IBM
ESD Electro-Static Discharge, "static zap"
ESD Enterprise Solution Delivery
ESDA Electronic Systems Design Aid
ESDA Engineer Starts Design Again
ESDI Enhanced Small Device Interface
ESE Expert Systems Environment, old IBM ES tool
ESF Extended Framing Format
ESL English as a Second Language
ESMCC Enterprise Systems Management Competency Centre, established by HP and Microsoft (3/2000)
ESN Educationally Sub-Normal
ESN Entertainment and Sports Network
ESP eBusiness Service Provider
ESP Electric Service Provider
ESP Electronic Sales Partner
ESP Electronic Sales Promotion
ESP Enhanced Services Platform
ESP ExtraSensory Perception
ESPN Entertainment and Sports Network
ESR Equivalent Series Resistance
ESS Electronic Switching System, e.g. a telephone computer
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
EST Ehrhard Seminars Training (to be followed by EST)
EST ElectroShock Therapy
ESU Equivalent Spousal Unit
ET Electrical Test
ET Electronic Tool, specially designed for internal use
ET ExtraTerrestrial
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETL Export-Transform-Load
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETW External Temporary Worker
EU European Union
EUCN End User Computing Network, assists work exchange for PC/OA support
euid Effective uid
EULA End User's License Agreeement
EVA Economic Value Add
EVA Extra-Vehicular Activity
EVCA European Venture Capital Association
EWG EDIFACT Working Group
Ex-Lax from Excellent Laxative
EXL Ethernet Accelerator
EZ Not Difficult