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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - C  See also Glossary - C

This letter last updated 04 February 2003

C Catcher (baseball)
C Celsius, temperature scale
C Cent
C Centum - Latin for 'hundred' - Roman Numeral for number 100
C Century
C (n.a.) programming language in common use on UNIX systems
C.E. Common Era (non-religious term replacing A.D.)
c.f. Compare (from Latin "ConFer")
C/O Care Of
C/O Certificate of Origin
C/S Client/Server
CA Central America
CA Certificate Authority (internet security)
CA Chief Accountant
CAA (obs.) Civil Aeronautics Administration, now FAA
CAB CABinet, a windows file type used to install application files from diskettes (.cab)
CAB Citizens' Advise Bureau (British & Australian) - various regional sites  Example
CAB (obs.) Civil Aeronautics Board, functions transferred to FAA, NTSB
CAD Computer Aided Delay
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAD Computer Aided Disaster
CAD Computer Applications Development
CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAE Common Application Environment, sits on UNIX
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAE Computer Aided Everything
CAGR Compounded Annual Growth Rate
CAI Computer Associates International
CAIS (obs.) Corporate Administrative Information Systems
CAL Computer Aided Learning
CAL-ISO CALifornia Independent Systems Operators - control traffic over high voltage lines
CALS Continuous Acquisition & Life-Cycle Support
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing, see CAD/CAM
CAMRA CAMpaign for Real Ale (Brit.)
CAN Campus Area Network
CANT Corporate Animal, No Talent
CAP Channel Associated Signalling
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CAR Corrective Action Request (form)
CARDIS (obs.) CARgo Data Interchange System, see IATA EDI Activities
CARE Computer Aided Reliability Evaluation
CARE Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CARP California Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
CAS Channel Associated Switching
CAS Component Anesthesia Systems
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASS Coding Accuracy Support System, USPS
CASS Consolidated Automated Support System (Navy)
CAT CATegory
CAT Computer Aided Testing
CAT Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT scan)
CAT conCATenate (unix)
CATV Community Access TV
CAVE Citizens Against Virtually Everything, c.f. NIMBY
CAW Computer Aided Work
CB Citizen's Band (radio)
CB Companion of the Bath (British)
CBD Cash Before Delivery
CBDS Connectionless Broadband Data Service
CBE Can't Be Everywhere
CBE Commander (of the Order) of the British Empire
CBEMA Computer Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBI Confederation of British Industries
CBO Congressional Budget Office
CBO Could Be Owned (system/software decision category - see SBO)
CBR Case-Based Reasoning
CBR Could Be Run (system/software decision category - see SBR)
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System
CBT Computer Based Training
CC Country Code (X.400)
CC See C&C
CCA CCmail Archive file (.cca)
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
CCC Copyright Clearance Center
CCD Cash Concentration or Disbursement (minimum advice capability), defined by NACHA
CCD Charge Coupled Device, used for memory and cameras
CCD+ Cash Concentration or Disbursement (expanded advice information), defined by NACHA
CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCIR Consultative Committee for Radio, ITU
CCITT Consultative Committee for Telegraphy and Telephone, ITU
CC-NUMA Cache Coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access
CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCRE Computer Coalition for Responsible Exports
CCS Common Channel Signalling
CCS Computer Communications Specialists, Inc. (VM products)
CCSL Compatible Current Sinking Logic
CCTS Core Components Technical Specification, ebTWG
CCU Coronary Care Unit
CD Carrier Detect, an RS232 signal
CD Cartridge Disc
CD Certificate of Deposit
CD Change Directory (DOS and UNIX command)
CD Compact Disc
CD Coordinated Delivery
CD Corporate Development, EVPBD, HPPA
CD-R CD-Recordable
CD-ROM Compact Discs, Read Only Memory, used with computers
CD-ROM Consumer Device, Rendered Obsolete in Months
CD-RW CD-ReWritable
CDA Confidential Disclosure Agreement
CDA Controlled Disposition Area
CDC Centers for Disease Control
CDC Control Data Corporation
CDI Collector-Diffusion Isolation
CDI Compatibility Display Interface
CDIP Ceramic Dip (also known as CERDIP)
CDM Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose
CDMA Code-Division Multiple Access
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data networksystems
CDT Central Daylight Time
CDW Certified Data Warehouse
CE Chemical Engineer
CE Church of England
CE Civil Engineer
CE Cultural Elite
CE Customer Engineer, usu. a hardware support person in the field
CE see C.E.
CEAL Civil Engineering Automated Library
CEC Commission of the European Community, ESPRIT
CEC CSNET Executive Committee
CEFACT United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (English changed but not acronym - the name in French (le nom en Français) is Centre des Nations Unies pour la Facilitation des procĂ©dures et des pratiques dans l'Administration, le Commerce et le Transport).   (c.f. ebXML, OASISXML)
CEFIC Conseil Europeen des Federations d'Industrie Chimique
CEIG Core European Implementation Guidelines project, EDIFICE
CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation
CENTO CENtral Treaty Organization (UK, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey)
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEPS Corporate Electronic Publishing Systems, federal conference
CEPT Conference European de administration des Postes et des Telecommunications
CER Canonical Encoding Rules
CERDIP Ceramic Dual-In-line Package
CERN Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team,
CERTS Causing E-mail Responses To Snowball
CET Central European Time
CETA Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
CF CenterField (baseball)
CF Cold Fusion (Allaire web application development product)
CF Cubic Foot
CF See c.f.
CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
CFC Consolidated Freight Classification
CFI CAD Framework Initiative
CFL Canadian Football League
CFM (.cfm) Cold Fusion Markup - a web page type that contains scripting
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CG Charging Gateway
CG Coast Guard
CG Commanding General
CG Consul General
CGA Color Graphics Adapter
CGA Compressed Gas Association
CGF Charging Gateway Functionality
CGI Common Gateway Interface (.cgi)
CGI Computer Graphics Interface (an interface binding of CGM)
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile (a device-independent graphics data form)
CH Switzerland (Confoederation Helvetica)
CHIBN Caltrans Highway Information Broadcast Network
CHIN California Highway Information Network
CHIPS nickname for CHP officers
CHP California Highway Patrol
CI Competitive Intelligence
CI Computer Intelligence
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIA Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, security assessment model, also includes Compliance, Authorization, Accountability, Affordability, Nonrepudiation, Disaster Recovery, Flexibility
CIAM Client Independent Access Model, networking model
CIB Channel I/O Bus, Series 800
CICS Customer Information Control System, IBM
CID Criminal Investigation Department (Scotland Yard)
CID Customer ID
CIDX Chemical Industry Data Exchange
CIIL Control Intermediate Interface Language, USAF - MATE
CIM Common information Model
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIM Corporate Information Management, DoD
CIN Customs Identification Number
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIO Configurable I/O
CIP Channel Inteface Processor
CIPO Canadian Intellectual Property Office
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States, was Soviet Union
CIS Corporate Information Systems
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing
CISCO Computer Information System COmpany
CISCO Corporate Information Standard CoOrdination (GM)
Cisco (n.a.) Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA, name probably comes from "San Francisco"
CISPR Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques
CISS Corporate Information Systems Security
CIT Cable Interface Translator
CITC Chevron Information Technology Company
CITI Capability for an ISDN Tandem Interface
CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, human form of BSE
CKT Circuit
CL Container Load; cf LCL
CLASS Custom Local Area Signalling Service
CLCC Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier (4 sided J lead)
CLI Customer Loyalty Index
CLM Closed Loop Marketing
CLNP ConnectionLess Network Protocol
CLOS Common LISP Object System, ANSI standard
CLTS ConnectionLess-mode Transport Service
CLUI Command Line User Interface (c.f. GUI)
CLUT Color Look Up Table
CLX Common LISP X window interface, from MIT
CM Commodity Manager
CM Computer Manufacturing
CM Contract Manufacturer (Sub-contractor)
CM Corporate Manufacturing
CMD CoMmanD file (.cmd, MS-DOS)
CMDA Code Division Multiple Access, type of cellular phone
CMIC China National Corporation of Medical Equipment Industry
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol OSI protocol for CMIS
CMIPM Common Management Information Protocol Machine
CMIS Common Management Information Service
CMISE Common Management Information Service Element
CML Current Mode Logic
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
CMW Compartmented Mode Workstation (control of data by compartment)
CMYB Cyan, Magenta, Yellow And Black (color printers)
CMSP Content Management Service Provider
CNBC Consumer News and Business Channel
CNC Computer Numerical Control
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK
CNM Customer Network Management
CNMC Customer Network Management using CMIP
CNME Customer Network Management using EDI/MHS
CNN Cable News Network
CNNI CNN International
CO Commanding Officer
CO Commercial UX (Business UX = BUX)
CO COntrolling module, SAP R/3
CO See C/O
CO2 Carbon Dioxide (gas)
COA Certificate Of Authenticity
COA Chart Of Accounts
COAST Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology,
COB Close Of Business
COB Coordination Of Benefits
COBOL COmmon Business Oriented Language (a programming language)
COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (government rule that protects rights to insurance)
COCOM Coordinating Committee (government body to control exports)
COD Cash On Delivery
COE Center Of Expertise
COE Common Operating Environment
COG Chip On Glass
COGS Cost of Goods Sold
COI Central Office of Information (UK)
COLA Cost Of Living Adjustment
COM COMmercial computer networking domain (.com)
COM Component Object Model
COMP Choking On My Popcorn
CompTIA Computing Technology Industry Association
CONS Connection-mode Network Service
CONTRL (n.a.) Syntax and service report message, EDIFACT
CONX Connection, Connected to, etc.
COO Country of Origin
COORS Common Open Order Record System
COP Constable on Patrol
COPS California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
COR Corporate Staff
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture standard
CORDIC COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer (a class of trig algorithms)
CORE Congress On Racial Equality
CoS Chip On Submount
COS Corporation for Open Systems
COS Cost of Sales
COSE Common Open Systems Environment
COTS Commercial Off the Shelf
COV Closed Order Variance
COYOTE Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics (prostitutes' advocacy group)
CP (obs.) Communist Party
CP Canadian Press
CP Copy (unix)
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPA Corporate Purchase Agreement
CPA Collaboration Protocol Agreement, ebXML
CPDU CMIP Protocol Data Units
CPE Clinical Pastoral Education
CPE Current Product Engineering
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee (job)
CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPI Continuous Process Improvement
CPID Calling Party IDentity
CPIM Certified Production and Inventory Management (APICS)
CPL Corporate/Customer Price List
CPM Cost Per Mille (from Roman Numeral 'M' - Mille = Thousand)
CPM Cycles Per Minute
CPO Chief Petty Officer (USN)
CPO Chief Privacy Officer
CPO Convergent Pricing Object
CPOD Cost Per Order Dollar
CPP Collaboration Protocol Profile, ebXML
CPPA Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement TC, OASIS
CPR Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation
CPS Certified Professional Secretary
CPS Characters Per Second
CPS Cycles Per Second
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPT Captain
CPT Cross-Platform Toolset
CPU Computer Processing Unit
CR Carriage Return, one of the ASCII character set
CR Change Request
crap (n.a.) From John Crapper (inventor of the flushing toilet)
CRC Class Responsibility Collaborator, as in "CRC Card"
CRC Cyclical Redundancy Checksum or Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CROM Control ROM
CRS Can't Remember S___
CRS Computer Reservation System
CRS Customer Reservation System
CRS Customer Reserved Stock
CRT Cathode Ray Tube, used in TVs and VDTs
CS Christian Science
CS Component Supplier
CS Computer Science
CS/80 Command Set 80, a 1980 vintage mass storage device control protocol
CS80 see CS/80
CS-80 see CS/80
CSA Canadian Standards Association
CSC Computer Sciences Corporation
CSC US Civil Service Commission
CSE Convergent System Encoding
CSI Computer Security Institute,
CSI Conservation Services Incorporated (authorized asbestos landfill)
CSI Crime Scene Investigation
CSI Customer Satisfaction Index, c.f. ACSI, ECSI
CSL Current Sinking Logic
CSLP Center for Short-Lived Phenomena (like UFOs)
CSM Cigarette Smoking Man, X-Files
CSM Command Sergeant Major
CSM Customer Satisfaction/Service Manager
CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access, networking standard
CSMA/CA CSMA/Collision Avoidance
CSMA/CD CSMA/Collision Detect
CSN Crosby, Stills and Nash
CSNET Computer Science Research Network
CSNY Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
CSO Chief Security Officer
CSO Chief Strategy Officer
CSP Capacity Service Provider
CSP Commerce Service Provider
CSP Communications Service Provider
CSP Content Service Provider
CSPDN Circuit Switched Public Data Network
CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CST Central Standard Time
CSV Comma Separated Values
CSVP Card Validation Service Provider
CTA Cover Their A__
CTA Cover Thy A__
CTA with the will annexed (from Latin "cum testamento annexo")
CTB Central Tape Bus, Series 800
CTC Computer Technology Council
CTC Concurrent Technologies Corporation
CTC Convex Technology Center
CTD Cartridge Tape Drive
CTG Communication and Technical Group, EDIFICE
CTI Color Texture Interpolator chip
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
CTIA Cellular Telephone Industry Association
CTL Complementary Transistor Logic
CTO Chief Technical/Technology Officer
CTP Composite Theoretical Performance
CTP Corporate Trade Payment format, defined by NACHA
CTRON Communication/Central/Common-use TRON
CTR Call To Response
CTT Cartridge Tape Transport
CTT Certified Technical Trainer
CTT Collaborative Tools Testbed
CTX Corporate Trade eXchange format, defined by NACHA
CU Credit Union
CUA Commonly Used Acronym
CUSDEC CUStoms DEClaration message, EDIFACT
CV Coding Violation
CVD Cardio-Vascular Disease
CVD Chemical Vapor Disposition
CVT Character mode Virtual Terminal
CW Canada West
CW Continuous Wave, type of PC board soldering process
CW Conventional Wisdom
CW Country and Western (music)
CWO Chief Warrant Officer, USN
cXML Commerce XML
CY Calendar Year
CYA California Youth Authority
CYA Cover Your A__
CZ Canal Zone