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EIDX Collection of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - See also Glossary - I

This letter last updated 01 February 2003

i.e. that is (from Latin "id est")
I/C Intra-Company
I/D Investigation to Design
I/L Investigation to Lab
I/O Information Outlet
I/O Input/Output
I2L Integrated Injection Logic
IA In Absentia
IA Industry Automation
IA Information Architecture
IA Integrated Agent
IA5 International Alphabet No. 5, CCITT
IA-64 Intel Architecture 64-bit microprocessor
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IAC Instrument-on-A-Card, modular instruments such as in a VXI cardcage
IAC Internet Application Components , SAP
IAeG Inter-Agency edi Group
IAEII Israel Association of Electronics and Information Industries
IAI International Association for Identification
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IAP Interfaces for Application Portability, aka. US TAG
IAP Internet Access Provider, little-used synonym for ISP
IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer
IAS Indicated Air Speed
IATA International Air Transport Association
IAWP In Accordance With Procedures
IB Interface Bus
IBC Installed Base Centers
IBI Information Builders Incorporated, level 5 ES tool
IBM International Business Machines Company
IBM I've Been Moved
IBRD World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
IBS Installed Base System
IBSP Internet Business Service Provider
IC Import Certificate
IC Integrated Circuit
IC Integrated Controller
IC Integration Cycle
IC Intra-Coporate (refers to orders)
IC Inventory Control
ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICARIS Intelligent Commercial and Research Information Systems
ICBM Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
ICDA Integrated Cached Disk Array
ICE Information and Content Exchange (transport protocol)
ICE Integrated Circuit Engineering
ICE Intelligence Concept Extraction, technique used by search engines
ICE Internet Commerce Expo
ICF International Cryptography Framework
ICH Interoperability Clearinghouse
ICM Incoming Message
ICM Intelligent Contact Management, Cisco, CTI application
ICM Internet Commerce Model
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICOPS Industry Committee on Office Product Standards
ICP Interventional Cardiology Program
ICP-MS Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer
ICQ (n.a.) ICQ stands for "I seek you", program that notifies you of other users who are on the Internet and allows you to contact them
ICS Interrupt Control Stack
ICS Inventory Control System
ICSA International Computer Security Association (was NCSA),
ICT In Circuit Test
ICT Information and Communications Technology
ICU Intensive Care Unit
ID IDentification
ID Integrated Daemon
ID See I/D
IDA Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
IDA Integrated Digital Access
IDA International Development Agency
IDA Intelligent Desktop Assistant
IDAM Installation Depot Access Module
IDB Inventory DataBase
IDC Insulation Displacement Contact
IDC International Data Corporation
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics
IDE Interactive Development Environments, software through pictures
IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Award
IDEF Integration DEFinition, data mododeling methodology; some sources claim it stands for ICAM DEFinition
IDEF It Doesn't Ever Function
IDEF0 Integrated DEFinition for Function Modeling
IDEF1X Integrated DEFinition for Information Modeling
IDI I Deserve It (the post-YUPPIE generation, pronounce "eedees")
IDIOT Intrusion Detection In Our Time
IDIQ Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity, SEWP-II
IDL Interface Definition Language
IDN Integrated Digital Network
IDOC Illinois Department Of Corrections
IDOC Intermediate DOCument, SAP
IDS Internal Design Specification, often part of R&D product design
IDS Investigation Data Sheet, an R&D document
IDSA Industrial Designers Society of America
IE Industrial Engineer
IE See i.e.
IEC InterExchange Carrier
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission, UN
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEF Information Engineering Facility, TI CASE tool
IEPG Independent European Programme Group
IES Illuminating Engineering Society
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force, producers of RFCs
IEW @Information Engineering Workbench (CASE tool from Knowledge Ware)
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFD InterFace Device, Smartcard
IFF Identification Friend or Foe, system to prevent friendly fire
IFS Integrated Financial management Systems
IFUAS International Facility Uniform Accounting System
IG I Guess
IG Implementation Guide
IG Installation Guide
IGES ?CAD/CAM standard
IHS monogram for Greek word for Jesus
IIA Integrated Information Architecture
IIE Institution of Incorporated Engineers in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering (Britain)
III Institute for Information Industry
IIP Internet Imaging Protocol
IIRC If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IIS Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance TC, OASIS
IIS Internet Information Server, Microsoft's web server SW
IISP Internet Infrastructure Service Provider
IISP Information Infrastructure Standards Panel
ILGWU International Ladies Garments Workers Union
ILR Intrinsic Level Recovery
ILS Integrated Logic Simulator
IM Information Modelling
IM Instant Message
IM Interaction Manager
IMC Internet Mail Consortium
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMHO I Might Humbly Observe
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMRP Interactive MRP
IMS Instant Messaging Service (AT&T Easylink)
IN Intelligent Network
Inc Incorporated
InGaN Indium Gallium Nitride
INI INItiate, windows file type containing configuration data for programs
INP Intelligent Network Processor
INPRI INput PRIority
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
INVRPT INVentory RePorT message, EDIFACT
INXS (n.a.) Name of rock group
IO Internal order
IO see I/O
IOB Impact of Build
IODC I/O Dependent Code
IOP I/O Processor
IOPAD PAD terminal driver
IOS Interconnected Operating System
IOS Internal Order System
IOS Internetwork Operating System
IOU I Owe yoU
IP Intellectual Property
IP Internet Protocol
IPC Institute for Printed Circuits
IPC Integrated PC
IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface
IPM InterPersonal Message, X.400
IPO Initial Public Offerring
IPO Input-Process-Output description, of software
IPP Income Protection Plan
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPS Integrated Payment System ™, Verifone
IPT Industrial Precision Tools, IAC
IPT Information Presentation Technologies, Inc.
IQ Intelligence Quotient
IQA Incoming Quality Audit
IR InfraRed
IR Interruption Reporting
IR Investigation Report
IRA Individual Retirement Account
IRA Irish Repbulican Army
IRAM Intelligent RAM
IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRD International Requirements Document, product requirements and standards
IRDA InfraRed Data Association
IRI Internet Research Institute
IRP Intermediate Range Plan, 5 years
IRQ Interrupt ReQuest
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IRS Inventory Reduction Sale
IS Industry Solutions module, SAP R/3
IS Information Systems
IS Internal Specification
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISA Instruction Set Architecture
ISA Instrument Society of America
ISA Integrated Systems Architecture, CEC


(n.a.) Interchange Control Header.  In X12, ISA is the outer most segment for the electronic envelope. GS is the inner envelope.
ISACA Information Systems Audit and Control Association,
ISANTA International StAple, Nail and Tool Association
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDN It Still Does Nothing
ISE Independent States of Europe
ISI Inter-Symbol Interference
ISITC-IOA International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication - International Operations Association
ISL Initial System Loader, Series 800
ISM Internal Specifications Maintenance
ISN International Subscriber Dialing Network
ISO International Standards Organization
ISOC Internet SOCiety, sponsors IAB
ISODE ISO Development Environment
ISP Implementation Support Plan
ISP Information Strategic Plan
ISP Internet Service Provider, c.f. ASP, FSP
ISSA Information Systems Security Association,
ISV Independent Software Vendor
IT Information Technology
ITA Information Technology Agreement, WTO, replacing GATT
ITA Interactive Television Appliance
ITA Investment Tax Allowance
ITAA Information Technology Association of America
ITE Independent Trading Exchange
ITE Integrated Terminal Emulator, software which simulates a terminal
ITI Industrial Technology Institute, non-profit, see MAP
ITL Install Time Licensing
ITM Information Technology Manager, replaces "ISM"
ITMA It's That Man Again, British wartime (WWII) radio comedy
ITMEX Information Technology Market Exchange
ITF Interleaved Two of Five (bar code standard)
ITN Independent Television News (Brit.)
ITO In Terms Of
ITP Inkjet Technology Platforms
ITRON Industrialized TRON
ITT Company name; formerly International Telephone and Telegraph
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITU-TSS International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications Standardizing Sector formerly CCITT)
ITV Independent TeleVision (Brit.)
ITW Internal Temporary Worker
IUD IntraUterine Device
IUP Intervascular Ultrasound Program
IUP Intrauterine Pressure
IV IntraVenous
IVAS Internet Value-Added Service
IVC Internal Venture Company
IVI Interactive Video Initiative
IVI Interchangeable Virtual Instrument
IVL Individual Validated License (for export of goods)
IVP Integrated Voice Processing
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IVUS IntraVascular UltraSound
IW Information Warfare (term used by NSA)
IWC International Whaling Commission
IWPF International Whale Protection Fund