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EIDX Collection of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - See also Glossary - M

This letter last updated 09 November 2002

M&M Mars and Murray, creator of the famous confection manufactured by Mars
M&M Memory and Microprocessor, as in M&M CPST
M2M Marketplace-to-Marketplace
MA Master of Arts
MAC Mandatory Access Control, a security policy
MAC Material Accumulation Costing
MAC Media Access Control, FDDI
MAC Message Authentication Code
MACHO MAssive Compact Halo Objects, astronomy
MAC-PDU Media Access Control PDU, tokens and frames, FDDI
MAC-SDU Media Access Control PDU, data contents of frame, FDDI
MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MAG Message Assessment Group, EDIFICE
MAKE Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises
MALDI Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MAO MonAmine Oxidase
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol, networking standard
MAPI Microsoft Messaging Application Programming Interface
MAR Major Area of Responsibility
MARCOM MARketing COMmunications
MARQ Matrix Analysis and Rendering for QFD
MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MATE Modular Automatic Test Equipment, USAF
MAU Media Access Unit, attaches system to main LAN cable
Mayday (n.a.)Call for help, from French "m'aidez"
Mb Megabit, c.f. MB
MB Megabyte, c.f. Mb
MBA Management By Avoidance
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBA Message Broker/Brokering Architecture
MBD Management By Directive
MBE Member of the British Empire
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy, an IC technology
MBF Managing By Fad
MBGOOTY Management By Getting Out Of The waY
MBO Managing By Objective
MBPS MegaBit-Per-Second
MBWA Management by Walking/Wandering Around
MC Master of Ceremonies
MC Member of Congress
MC Military Cross
MCA Macrocell Array
MCA MicroChannel Architecture, bus design, IBM
MCAD Mechanical Computer-Aided Design
MCAE Mechanical CAE
MCC Marylebone Cricket Club (governing body of English Cricket)
MCC Microelectronics Computer Technology Corporation
MCC Mission Control Center, Russian Space Agency
MCI Microwave Communications Inc., a telecommunications company
MCI Multimedia Command Interface
MCM Multi-Chip Module
MCP Male Chauvinist Pig
MCP Master Control Program
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCR Molded Carrier Ring
MCS Managing Conceptual Space
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCU Microprocessor Control Unit
MCW Modulated Continuous Wave
MD Machine Dependent
MD Managing Director
MD Medical Doctor
MD Mentally Deficient
MDA Manufacturing Defect Analyzer
MDD (obs) McDonnell-Douglas PDN, now owned by BT
MDF Manic Depressive Fellowship
MDF Message Development Framework
MDF Meta Data Framework (Cisco)
MDF Meta Data Processing Framework
MDF Mirror Description Format
MDF Multimedia Description Framework
MDG Message Development Group, EDIFICE
MDI Manual Data Interchange
MDL Matrix Definition Language
MDNS Managed Data Network Services
MDS Microprocessor Development System
ME Materials Engineer
ME Mechanical Engineer
ME-CAD Mechanical Engineering CAD
MECL Motorola Emitter-Coupled Logic
MEDFLY MEDitteranean fruitFLY
MEP Member of European Parliament
MEPC Most Efficient Cost Producer
MEPR Mail-Enabled Process Re-engineering
MERT Maintenance Emergency Response Team
MESFET MEtal Semiconductor FET
MET (n.a.) A hit or miss baseball team
MF Median Frequency
MF Multi Frequency, signalling method
MFG ManuFacturinG
MFLOPS Million Floating Point Operations Per Second
MFN Most Favored Nation
MFP Multi Function Peripheral
MFR Material Failure Report
MFS Material Flow System
MFU Military Foul-Up (var. of SNAFU)
MH Mail Handler, from Rand
MHS Message Handling Systems
MHz MegaHertz
MI Machine Independent
MI Mechanical Inspection
MI Model Integration
MI5 Military Intelligence - National Security Division (Brit.)
MI6 Military Intelligence - Espionage Division (Brit.)
MIC Media Interface Connector, FDDI
MIC Microwave Integrated Circuit
MICLIC MIne Clearing LIne Charge (military)
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MIDA Myocardial Ischemia Dynamic Analysis
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIF Management Information File
Milnet Mlitary Network, used to be part of ARPANET
MilSpec Military Specifications
MIL-STD Military Standard
MIM Media Interface Management, FDDI
MIME Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions
MINCE MINCE Is Not Complete Emacs
Minet European computer network
MIPS Meaningless Indication of Process Speed
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MIS Managed Internet Service
MIS Management Information System
MIS Metal Insulator Silicon
MIT ? like in V-MIT
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Master Installation Tape
MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
MKT Marketing
ML Material List (also M/L)
MLB Major League Baseball
MLS Major League Soccer
MLS Multi Level Secure, handles multiple security levels at once
MM See M&M
MM Materials Management
MM Materials Management module, SAP R/3
MM Mixed Manufacturing
MMEI Ministry of Manufacturing and Electronics Industries, China
MMF MagnetoMotive Force
MMF Multi-Mode Fiber
MMIC Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit or Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMS Manufacturing Message Specification, ISO standard
MMU Memory Management Unit
MMX Multi Media eXtensions
MNF Manual Notification Form
MNOS Metal-Nitride-Oxide Semiconductor
MO Magneto-Optical (type of disc drive)
MO Medical Officer
MO Method of Operation or Modus Operandi
MO Money Order
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOBB MO Betta Blues
MOC Managing Organizational Change
MOD Ministry of Defense (Brit.)
modem MOdulator-DEModulator
MODFET Modulation Doped FET
MOH Manufacturing OverHead
MOMA Multiple Obscurable Movable Accelerated windows
MOMA Museum of Modern Art, New York
MOMBE Metal-Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy, IC technology
MOO MUD-Object-Oriented
MOPAR Mostly Old Parts And Rusted
MOPAR MOtor PARts (Chrysler)
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor, an IC technology
MOSTE Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, Vietnam
MOT Ministry of Transport (Brit.)
MOT MOTorola
MOTD Message Of The Day
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist
MOV (n.a.) Apple's motion video and audio format
MP Member of Parliament
mP MicroProcessor
MP Military Police
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group
MPEG Moving Pictures Expert Group
MPG file extension for MPEG file
MPG Miles Per Gallon
MPH Miles Per Hour
MPI Message-Passing Interface
MPLS MultiProtocol Label Switching
MPN Manufacturer's part Number
MPP Massive Parallel Processing
MPR Manufacturing Pilot Run
MPS Master Production Schedule
MPS Materials Procurement System
MPS Mathematical Programming System
MPS Miles Per Second
MPU MicroProcessor Unit
MQUADS (n.a.) Metal High Thermal Conductivity Package
MR Magneto-Resistive
MR Maintenance Request
MR Manufacturing Release
MR Material Receiver/Request
MR Material Release
MR Mental Retard
MRBM Medium Range Ballistic Missile
MRC Medical Research Council (Brit.)
MRE Meals Ready to Eat (by deployed military troops)
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRO Maintenance, Repair, and Operating equipment and services
MRO Material Release Order, a/k/a Blanket Order
MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning
MRP Material Requirements Planning
MRS Material Release Schedule
MRT Material Request Tag/Transaction
MRU Most Recently Used, a swapping algorithm
MS Managed Service
MS ManuScript
MS Mass Spectrometer
MS Master of Science college degree
Ms Megaseconds
MS MicroSoft
MS Multiple Sclerosis
MS/IR Mass Spectrometry and InfraRed Detector
MSB Most Significant BIT
MS-DOS MicroSoft DOS
MSG Message
MSG Mono-Sodium Glutamate
MS-HUG Microsoft Healthcare Users Group
MSI Medium Scale Integration, a level of IC making
MSIB Modular System Interface Bus
MSN Microsoft Support Network
MSN Monitoring cell Sequence Number
MSN Multiple Subscriber Number
MSNBC MicroSoft/NBC joint venture news channel
MSP Managed Service Provider
MSP Management Service Provider
MSP Manufacturing Service Provider
MSP Marketplace Service Provider
MSP Maximum Selling Price
MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament
MSP Message Security/Send/Sequence Protocol
MSP Messaging Service Provider
MSP Minneapolis St. Paul (airport code)
MSP Minnesota State Patrol
MSP Mobile Service Provider
MSP Multi-Service Platform
MSP Music Service Provider
MSP Mutual Support Program
MSSP Managed Security Service Provider
MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
MST Mass Spectrometry Tag technology
MTA Message Transfer Agent (X.400; example: X.400/9000)
MTA Metropolitan Transit Authority, Boston
MTBF Mean Time Between/Before Failure
MTD Month to Date
MTL Media Technology Lab
MTL Merged Transistory Logic (same as I2L)
MTO Mandatory Time Off
MTOPS Million Theoretical Operations Per Second
MTP Move To Production
MTRON Macro TRON, intelligent control of HFDS
MTS Material Tracking System
MTS Member of Technical Staff, e.g. an HP R&D engineer
MTTF Mean Time to Failure
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MTV Music TeleVision
MUD Multi-User Dungeon (pronounce "mood")
MUFFIN Multi-Use File For Interagency News, GSA
MULE MUltiple Language Enhancement/Extension
MULTICS MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUM Multi-Use Message
MUX MUltipleX, sharing communications signals over fewer lines
MVC Multicast Virtual Circuit
MVP Most Valuable Player
MVPA Monohrome Plus Video Adapter
MVT Market Value Of Time
MW Medium Wave (radio)
MX Mail eXchanger
MYOB Mind Your Own Beeswax