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This letter last updated 09 November 2002

QA Quality Assurance
QANTAS Queensland ANd Northern Territorial Aerial Services (Australia)
QB Queen's Bench (legal title, UK)
QBE Query By Example, search engine technique
QC Quality Circle
QC Quality Control
QC Queen's Counsel (c.f. KC)
QCC Quality Control Circles
QED Which is demonstrated (from Latin "quod est demonstratum")
QF Qualifying Facility, harnesses environmentally friendly electricity
QFD Quality Function Deployment, management method
QFP Quad Flat Pack (4 sided, gullwing leads)
QIC Quarter-Inch Cartridge, tape backup system
QIP Quadritek IP-address management tool (Lucent Technologies)
QLLC Qualified Logic Link Control
QM Quality Management module, SAP R/3
QoS Quality of Service
QSO Quasi-Stellar Object
QSRS Quasi-Stellar Radio Source
QT Quality Team
QTR Quarter
QUAL Qualification
QUIS Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction, U. of Maryland
QUOTES QUOTES message (response to REQUOT), EDIFACT
QVP Quick View Plus
QWL Quality of Worklife