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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - R  See also Glossary - R

This letter last updated 09 November 2002

R Republican
R&D Research and Development
R&M Repair and Maintenance
R/W Read/Write
RA Restricted Article
RAB Registrar Accreditation Board, ISO
RACE R&D in Advanced Communication Technology, Europe
RACF Resource Access Control Facility, an IBM OS
RAD Rapid Application Design/Development
radar RAdio Detecting And Ranging
RAF Royal Air Force
RAID Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks; c.f. JBOD
RALU Resistor and Arithmetic/Logic Unit
RAM Random Access Memory
RAMS Regional Atmospheric Modeling System
RAN Radio Access Network
RAND Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory
RAND Research ANd Development
RAP RosettaNet Agent Protocol
RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol, networking standard, RFC-903
RAS Remote Access Services
RATM Rage Against The Machine (a rock band)
RBOC Regional Bell Operating Companies
RC Response Center
RC Roman Catholic
RC Run Commands, unix
RCA Radio Corporation of America
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, EPA
RCTL Resistor Capacitor Transistor Logic
RDA Recommended Daily Allowance
RDAT Rotating-head DAT
RDB Relational Data Base
RDBMS RDB Management System
RDDL Resource Directory Description Language
RDF Resource Description Framework, W3C
REM (n.a.) name of a rock group
REM Rapid Eye Movement (stage of sleep)
REM Resolution Enhancement Technology
REQ Requisition
REQOTE REequest for QuOTEs message, EDIFACT
REQSYS REQuisition SYStem, module of PROMIS
RF Radio Frequency
RF Right Field (baseball)
RF Royalty Free
RFC Remote Function Call
RFC Request For Change
RFC Request For Comment
RFC Request For Commitment
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFI Request For Information
RFIC Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit
RFP Request For Proposal, more formal than an RFQ
RFQ Request For Quote, usually meaning a bid to make a sale
RFS Relief From Stress
RFS Remote File System, from AT&T
RFT Request For Technology, OSF
RFU Request For Update
RGA Refinery-Gas Analyzer
RGB Red, Green, Blue, low-level signals to control a video monitor
rgid Real gid
RIA Robotics Industries Association
RIG RosettaNet Implementation Guide
RIM Read-In Mode
RIM Research In Motion, Ltd.
RIM Robotics in Manufacturing
RIP Raw and In-Process
RIP Rest In Peace (from Latin, "requiescant in pace")
RIPSO Revised IP Security Option, a MIL-STD document?
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing
RJR R.J. Reynolds
RLA committee to Rebuild Los Angeles
RLE Run Length Encoding
RMA Returned Material/Merchandise Authorization
RMA Rubber Manufacturers of America
RMM Read-Mostly Mode
RMON Remote MONitoring
RMON MIB Remote network MOnitoring Management Information Base.
RN Registered Nurse
RN Royal Navy
RN RosettaNet
RNA RiboNucleic Acid (related to DNA)
RNBD RosettaNet Business Dictionary
RNET Retail NETwork for Electronic Commerce
RNET RosettaNet Implementation Framework
RNIF RosettaNet Implementation Framework
RNO RosettaNet Object
RNTD RosettaNet Technical Dictionary
RO/DI Reverse Osmosis/Deionized (water system)
ROA Return on Assets
ROBOT (n.a.) From Czech "robota" (compulsory labor)
ROFL Roll On Floor Laughing
ROI Return On Investment
ROIC Return On Investment Capital
ROM Read Only Memory
RON Remain OverNight
ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corp
RN Registered Nurse
RNNP Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPG Report Program Generator (programming language)
RPI Retail Price Index
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RPN Reverse Polish Notation
RS232 see RS-232
RS-232 serial data communications standard
RSA Rivest, Shamir, & Adleman (public key encryption technology)
RSA Republic of South Africa
RSC Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican Centre, London
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSPC Real Time Statistical Process Control
RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
RS-SC Remote Spooling Communication System, from IBM
RSV Revised Standard Version (Bible)
RSVP Repondez S'il Vous Plait, French for "Please reply"
RSVP Resource ReserVation Protocol
RT Real Time
RTF Response to Forecast
RTF Rich Text Format
RTFM Read The (expletive deleted) Manual
RTL Resistor-Transistor Logic
RTM Return To Manufacturer
RTP Release To Production
RTP Remote Test Package
RTS Reliable Transfer Service
RTS Return To Stock
RTT Round Trip Time
RTU Remote Terminal Unit
ruid Real uid
RUIPT Rapid User Interface Prototyping Tool
RUNE Rosettanet Users NorthEast