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EIDX Collection of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - S  See also Glossary - S

This letter last updated 14 February 2003

S&L Savings and Loan
S/H Sample and Hold
SA European equivalent of Inc.
SA Situation Analysis, part of KTA
SA Source Address, FDDI
SA Sourcing Analyst
SA Structured Analysis, e.g. DFDs
SA System Administrator
SA Systems Architecture
SAA South Atlantic Anomaly
SAA Standards Association of Australia
SAA Systems Application Architecture, from IBM
SAACONS Standard Army Automated CONtracting System
SABRE Semi-Automated Business Research Environment
SAC Sales and Cost
SAC Strategic Air Command
SAD Scan Axis Directionality
SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder (wintertime affliction)
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (like for motor oil weights)
SAIC Science Applications International Corp.
SAIL Shanghai Alliance Investment Limited
SAIL Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAM Support Inventory Management System
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile
SAMA Scientific Apparatus Manufacturers Association
SAMA Strategic Account Management Association
SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SAN Standard Address Number
SAN Storage-Area Networks
SAP Service Access Point
SAP Systems, Applications and Products, German software company
SAPFU Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups (var. of SNAFU)
SAPIC Streamlined Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
SAR Service Agreement Report
SAR Stock Appreciation Right
SAR System Activity Report
SARA Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act, environmental law
SAS (n.a.) SAS Institute
SAS Scandinavian Airlines System
SAS Special Air Service
SASE Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SATAN Security Administrators Tool for Analyzing Networks
SAW Surface-Acoustic Wave
SAX Simple API for XML
SAYE Save As You Earn, British savings scheme)
SB Small Business
SBA Small Business Administration
SBA Small Business Agreement
SBI Self-Billing Invoice
SBI Sound Blaster Instrument
SBM Supply Base Management
SBOL Straight Bill of Lading
SBR Should Be Run (system/software decision category, see CBR)
SBS Silicon Bilateral Switch
SC/GT Supply Chain/Global Trade
SCA Single Connector Attachment
SCALE Short-term Commitment And Long-term Estimate
SC PAN Smart County Public Access Network, JVSV Project
SCAC Standard Carrier Alpha Code
SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (c.f. SCUBA)
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence
SCM Semiconductor Contract Manufacturing/Manufacturer
SCM Service Control Manager
SCM Software Configuration Management
SCM Standard Cost Management
SCM Station Configuration Management, FDDI
SCM Supply Chain Management
SCN Stock Change Notice
SCPI Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCSA Signal Computing System Architecture
SCSA Sick of Computer Standards Associations
SCSI Small Computer System Interface (pronouce "scuzzy")
SCSI System Can't See It
SCSL Sun's Community Source License
SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, c.f. SCBA
SD Sales and Distribution module, SAP R/3
SD Starting Delimiter, FDDI
SD Structured Design, e.g. DFDs
SDAT Stationary-head DAT
SDB Small Disadvantaged Business
SDFL Schottky-Diode Field-effect transistor Logic
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, equivalent to SONET
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SDI Stupid Damned Idea
SDK Software Developers Kit
SDL Specification and Design Language, an FDT
SDLC Synchronous Data-Link Control
SDLC System Did Lose Control
SDLP Social and Democratic Labor Party, Northern Ireland
SDM Supply / Demand Matching
SDNS Secure Data Networking Standard, a SIG
SDNS Software Defined Network Service (by AT&T Company)
SDP Social Democratic Party (Brit.)
SDP Software Development Processes
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDS Safety Data Sheet, e.g. DIN SDS
SDS Students for a Democratic Society, 60's anti-war group
SDTV Standard Definition Television
SDU Service Data Unit, of data transfer, FDDI
SE Single Ended, SCSI
SEA SouthEast Asia
SEAL SEa, Air and Land Commando, USN
SEC Samsung Electronics Company
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC SECurity
SECAM French and USSR color TV standard
SECDED Single-bit Error Correction, Double-bit Error Detection
SED Smoke-Emitting Diode (fused or blown diode, a/k/a friode)
SEE Society of Experimental Engineers
SEIU Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO
SEM Scanning/Scattering Electron Microscope/Microscopy
SEMI SEMIconductor
SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
SEMKO Svenska Elektriska Material Kontrollanstalter, Sweden
SEMPER Secure Electronic MarketPlace for EuRope
SENTO Secure ExtraNet using Trusted Operating Systems
SEPS Standard Electronic Processing System, USN
SES Stock Exchange of Singapore
SET Secure Electronic Transfer
SET Secure Electronic Transaction protocol
setgid Set Group IDentity, unix priviledge promotion feature
SETI Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
setuid Set User IDentity, unix priviledge promotion feature
SEU Single Event Upset
SEV Schweizer Electrotechnische Vereninigung, Switzerland
SEWP Scientific Engineering Work Station Procurement, NASA
SF San Francisco
SF Santa Fe (railroad)
SF Science Fiction
SF Square Foot
SFAS Statement of Financial Accounting Standards
SFC Sergeant
SFC Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph/Chromatography
SFE Supercritical Fluid Extractor
SFO San FranciscO Airport
SFP Success Factor Profiling
SFSG So Far So Good
SGI Silicon Graphics Inc.
sgid Saved/Set gid
SGM Standard Gross Margin
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language, c.f. XML, which is a subset of SGML
SGMP Simple Gateway Management Protocol
SGP SinGaPore
SGT Sergeant
SH Sheet (as in unit of measure)
SH shell (unix)
SHIT Ship High In Transit
SHOE Simple HTML Ontology Extension
SHPE Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
SHTTP Secure HTTP, a/k/a HTTPS
SHW System High Workstation
Si Silicon
SI Systems Integrator
Si2 Silicon Integration Initiative
SIA Semiconductor Industry Association
sic (n.a.) thus, so (latin) - not a mistake
SIC Structured Intellectual Capital
SICL Standard Instrument Control Library
SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SIG Special Interest Group
SIIA Software and Information Industry Association
SIL Standard Interchange Language, UCC
SILS Standard for Interoperable LAN Security, IEEE
SIMAP Système d'Information pour les Marchés Publics
SIMM Single Inline Memory Module
SIN Shortage Information Network, Ford Motor Co.
SIP Single In line Package
SIP SMDS Interface Protocol
SIPC Securities Investor Protection Corporation
SIPC Simply Interactive PC, Microsoft
SIQ Sick In Quarters (US military)
SIR Serial InfraRed communications capability
SITG Strategic Implementation Task Group, DISA
SIV Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, may be origin of HIV
SIWR Speaker Independent Word Recognition
SKN StockKeeping Number
SKU StockKeeping Units
SL Segmented Library
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLAM Simulated Language for Alternative Modeling
SLIP Serial Line IP, low performance
SLL SL Librarian
SLSRPT SaLeS data RePorT message, EDIFACT
SLUM Some Lousy Urban Mess
SM Surface Mount
SMAP Systems Management Application Process, FDDI
SMB Server Message Block
SMBE Small Minority Business Enterprise
SMB Small and Midsize Business
SMC Standard Microsystems Corporation
SMD Storage Module Device
SMD Surface Mount Device/Design, an IC technology
SMDS Switched Multi-megabit Data Service
SME Society of Mechanical Engineers
SME Small-to-Medium Enterprise
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMI Supplier Managed Inventory
SMIF Standard Mechanical InterFace
SMOBC Solder Mask Over Bare Copper
SMOP Simple Matter of Programming
SMP Super-Mini Program, GSA
SMP Symmetric-MultiProcessing
SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply
SMT Station Management, FDDI
SMT Surface Mount Technology
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMWBE Small Minority Woman owned Business Enterprise
SNA System Network Architecture, IBM
SNAFU Situation Normal--All Fouled/F____d Up
SNAP Sub-Network Access Protocol, a networking protocol
SNC Service Node with CITI
SNDP Sustainable Development Networking Programme, UNDP
SNET Southern New England Telephone Company
SNF Server Natural Format, for fast alpha character fonts
SNL Saturday Night Live
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol, successor to SGMP
SNOBOL StriNg Oriented symBOLic Language
SO Significant Other, a cop-out term
SO-8 Small Outline 8 pin narrow package
SOA Service Oriented Architecture (web services)
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOC System-On-a-Chip
SODA SOftware Document Automation, Rational
SOE Standard Operating Environment, a Bellcore term
SOFA Send Out For Approval (messages)
SOHO Small Office / Home Office (marketing segment)
SOHO SOuth of HOuston (Street), New York City
SOI Silicon On Insulator
SOIC Small Outline Integrated Circuit (die package, 2 sided, gullwing leads)
SOIT Shanghai Jao Tung University (acronym goes with Chinese name)
SOJ Surface Mount Package with J leads
SOL S--- Out of Luck
SOL Software Object Library
SOL-20 Small OutLine 20 pin wide package
SOM System Object Model, IBM
SOMA SOuth of MArket (Street), San Francisco
sonar SOund NAvigation Ranging
SONET Synchronous Optical NETwork, CCITT long-haul data transfer standard
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOS Same Old S---
SOS Save Our Ship
SOS Save Our State
SOS Save Our Streets
SOS Silicon On Sapphire, an IC technology
SOS Some Other Stuff (accounting)
SOS Start-up on Steroids (pre- .bomb)
SOSO Same Old Same Old
SOU State of the Union address
SOW Same Old Way
SOW Statement Of Work
SP Service Pack
SP Service Provider
SP Slow Play (video)
SP Southern Pacific (railroad)
SPA Single Point Administration
SPA Soft Physical Address
SPA Special Pricing Agreement
SPAM Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail
SPAM SPice and hAM
SPAN Space Physics Analysis Network
SPARC Scalable Processor ARChitecture, RISC design from Sun
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPC Stored Program Control
SPCS Stored Program Control Switch
SPEC SPECification
SPEC Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SPECT Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (blood flow)
SPIT So Pleased It's Tuesday
SPL Systems Programming Language
SPOC Single Point Of Contact
SPORE Spastic Person on Rental Equipment, term used by Ski Instructors
SPP Scaleable Parallel Processor
SPP Scaleable Parallel-Processing
SPU System Processing Unit
SQC Statistical Quality Control
SQF South QueensFerry, Scotland
SQL Specified Quality Level
SQL Structured Query Language
SQUID Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (brain scan)
SR Sales Region
SR Sales Representative
SR Service Request
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SRC Se Ruega Contestación (Spanish RSVP)
SRC Semiconductor Research Corporation
SRC Software Recording Corporation
SRC SouRce Code
SRC Spam Recycling Center
SRI Stanford Research Institute
SRM Stock Request Material
SRM Supplier Relationship Management
SS SchutzStaffel, Nazi police (German for "elite guard")
SS ShortStop (baseball)
SS Social Security
SS Steam Ship, e.g. SS Titanic
SS/80 Sub Set 80, a subset of CS/80
SS7 Signalling System No. 7
SS7 System Number 7 network
SS80 see SS/80
SS-80 see SS/80
SSA Serial Storage Architecture (an early IBM Fibre Channel solution)
SSCA Semiconductor Supply Chain Association
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code, EAN
SSD Ship from Stock and Debit
SSE Software Support Environment, NASA space station program
SSG Staff Sergeant
SSI Small Scale Integration, a level of IC making
SSID Scientific Stab In the Dark
SSL Secure Sockets Layer, internet protocol
SSN Social Security Number
SSP Security Service Provider
SSP Service-Switching Point
SSP Shared Service Provider
SSP System Support Plan
SSR Solid-State Rectifier
SST SuperSonic Transport
STAR Security Trained and Ready, USAF
STARS Software Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems
START STrategic Arms Reductions Talks (preceded SALT)
STC Society for Technical Communication
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease
STD STandarD
STE Semiconductor Test Equipment
STEP Standard for The Exchange of Product model data
STEW Support, Tutorial, Example and Wish List
STI Solectron Technology Inc., (Solectron Charlotte)
STM-1 Synchronous-Transmission Module 1
STM-16 Synchronous Transmission Module Level Sixteen
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing (military); cf VTOL
STP Scientifically Treated Petroleum
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
STP Signal Transfer Point
STS Ship to Stock
STS Space-Time-Space
SU Super-User, UNIX omnipotent user
suid Saved/Set uid
SUN Stanford University Network (origin of Sun Microsystems' name)
SUPR Supervisor
SUPV Supervisor
SUS Silicon Unilateral Switch
SVC Switched Virtual Circuit
SVGA Super Visual Graphics Array
SVID System V (five) Interface Definition, AT&T standard
SVVS System V (five) Validation Suite, a UNIX conformance test from AT&T
SW SoftWare
SWAG Scientific WAG
SWAG S**T (Stuff) We All Get -   the endless hats, t-shirts, bags, etc used for marketing
SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
SWAS Store Within A Store
SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics, police team
SWBNI Sure Would Be Nice If
SWE Society of Women Engineers
SWF ShockWave File (.swf extension))
SWF Single White Female - in personal ads
SWI Smart Waveform Instrument
SWI SoftWare Initiative
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interback Financial Telecommunications
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
SWS Switched Wideband Service (NYNEX)
SWTS Secure Web Transaction Solution
SWUG Surfacemount softWare User's Group
SYLA See Ya Later Alligator
SYOM So's Your Old Man
SYS SYStem, DOS file type cointaining system configuration commands