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NOTE: (n.a.) = Not an Acronym; (obs) = Obsolete


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Acronyms and Abbreviations - XYZ  See also Glossary - XYZ

This letter last updated 08 November 2002

X.12 See ASC X12
X.25 (n.a.) protocol for 'packet-switched' telecommunications
X.400 (n.a.) protocol for electronic mail and EDI telecommunications
X.500 (n.a.) network directory service
X/OPEN (obs.) European UNIX standards organization, now The Open Group
X12 See ASC X12
X25 See X.25
X400 See X.400
XBM X-Window BitMap
XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language, was XFRML
XDR eXternal Data Representation, networking standard for data handling
XENIX Microsoft UNIX
XEQ eXecutable EQuation (command) file
XEU Xerox Encryption Unit, sits on AUI cable
XFP eXtra Fine Pitch
XFRML (obs.) Extensible Finance Reporting Markup Language, now XBRL
XHS eXcessive Head Space
XIWT Cross-Industry Working Team
XL eXceLâ„¢ - Microsoft Office product
XMI XML Metadata Interchange, XML
XML EXtensible Markup Language, subset of SGML, W3C owns syntax standards but not semantics, 500+ semantic standards exist to date.
XMOS High-speed MOS
XNI X.25 Network Interface, Purdue University
XOR eXclusive-OR
XQL XML Query Language
XR eXtended Release (pharmacology)
XR Jesus Christ, from first two letters of Greek for Christos (ΧΡ - chi rho)
XS too much
XSD XML Schema Definition
XSI XML Schema Instance
XSL Extensible Style Language, XML
XSLT XSL Transformation
xSP x Solution Provider, e.g. ASP, ISP
XYZ eXamine Your Zipper, pre-presentation check list for lecturers
Y2K Year 2000
YA Yet Another
YABA Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YAC You Are Cool
YACR Yet Another Change Request
YAFIYGI You Asked For It, You Got It, "opposite" of  WYSIWYG
YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle (honest!)
YAP Yet Another Problem (which has resulted due to fixing a previous problem)
YAUN Yet Another Unix Nerd
YAWN Yet Another Waste of Net-space
YAWN Young Adults With Narcolepsy
YHA Youth Hostel Association, e.g. YHA-UK
YMCA Young Mens' Christian Association
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
Yok Unit of humor
YSL Yves St. Laurent
YTD Year to Date
YTYTK You're Too Young To Know
Yuppie Young Urban Professional
YWCA Young Womens' Christian Association
ZAW Zero Administration Windows (Microsoft)
ZBA Zero Balance Account
ZBB Zero Based Budgeting
ZIF Zero Insertion Force (relates to test sockets and connectors)
ZIP Code Zone Identification Postal Code
ZOS Zone Of Separation, demilitarized area
ZPG Zero Population Growth