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Debits and Credits Model 7 - Credit Claim (Bill-up to Book), Version 1.0 
Status:  Balloted and Ratified by Membership via Distributor Scenario 1 ratification, August 2002

Business Overview

Special Notes:

If distributor has taken a Ship-from-Stock and Debit (SSD) discount (debit against the supplier), and the distributor's customer returns the product afterward, the supplier can request that the distributor back out the discount by taking an SSD credit (credit to the supplier).  The distributor may send a response, if needed to inform the supplier that there is a problem with the claim.

See also Assumptions in the supporting documentation.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration

Narration   Overview (Use Case) Diagram

Step Description
1. - 4. The graphic above contains a representative scenario.  See index for links to adjacent models and  scenarios using this model.
5. This model:  If a product is returned for which the supplier had approved a debit claim, the supplier may send a credit claim to the distributor, asking them to back-out the debit.  This process is also known as "bill up to book."  The distributor may send a response if there was a problem with the supplier's credit claim - either a business issue such as a disagreement with the claim, or a technical issue, such as invalid part number.


Last updated 24 February 2003