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Distributor Scenario 2 - Design Win, Version 1.0 
Status: Pre-Ballot Draft, August 2002

Business Overview

Special Notes:

Design Win is a process whereby a component supplier offers financial incentives to get its products designed into other company's products.  Achieving a design win secures a customer's business early in the design process, long before the first volume orders are placed.  A supplier only offers Design Win incentives for a given product for a limited period of time.  In the distribution channel, the incentives are offered to a distributor who brokers a design between its customer and a supplier.  The distributor is given a list of eligible products.  The distributor's sales engineers work with the distributor's customers who are designing products and look for opportunities to have eligible components designed in to the customers' new products.  When an opportunity arises, the distributor submits a Design Win registration request to the component supplier.  The component supplier responds, and either awards the Design Win to the distributor or denies the request.

After the design is registered, agreed upon conditions must be met before any financial incentives are awarded; incentives may be awarded when various milestones are achieved.

See also Assumptions.

Scope:  This scenario includes the "routine public" components of the Design Win scenario.  Models are created for "common" exceptions that are good candidates for automation.  Not every possible exception situation is modeled, because there are events that are too rare to justify the cost of automation, or too complex to be automated - they require the intelligence of human beings for resolution.

All business processes touch, or are adjacent to other business processes.  Design Win has the potential for connecting to the complex processes involved in product design and financial adjustments.  In order to keep focused on the events that are unique to Design Win, only models dealing with registrations and incentive claims are in scope for modeling this scenario.  

The current draft of the Design Win Scenario doesn’t cover the details of exchange and/or access to product technical data.   Collaborative engineering applications are still in an evolving state and EIDX will monitor developments and add to this documentation as appropriate.  Product design data is discussed at a high level as part of the supporting documentation; see Design Win Considerations.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration

Narration   Overview (Use Case) Diagram

Step Description
1. Pre-Order Model 9:  The component supplier sends a list of products eligible for Design Win incentives.  These are components that the supplier would like to see its customers or its distributor's customers design into their products.
2. Pre-Order Model 10:  When a distributor's customer has agreed to design-in a component eligible for Design Win incentives, the distributor sends a Design Win Registration request to the component supplier.  The request may include a request for Ship-from-Stock and Debit Authorization so that the distributor can submit debit claims for stock shipped at a non-discounted price as soon as the distributor has met all the criteria for Design Win incentive awards.  The component supplier responds with either an approval or a denial.  The component supplier may deny the registration if another registration for the same product and same end-customer has already been approved.
3. (Optional). Pre-Order Model 11:  At any time, the distributor may request the status of some or all open Design Win registrations.  The component supplier sends the report back in response.  The component supplier may also send the report unsolicited, as agreed with the distributor, when status changes are made or per a pre-agreed schedule.
4. Distributor Scenario 1 and component Debits and Credits Model 5:  When the distributor ships a product that has an approved Design Win registration, and the goods shipped are goods that the distributor purchased at the non-discounted price, then upon satisfying the criteria for Design Win incentive awards, the distributor submits one or more debit claims to the component supplier, and the component supplier sends back a response.  The response may approve or deny a debit claim.
5. Debits and Credits Model 9:  When the distributor has satisfied the criteria for Design Win incentive awards, the distributor sends a Design Win claim to the component supplier, and the component supplier sends back a response.  The response may approve or deny a claim.


Last updated 24 February 2003