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Distributor Scenario 3 - Price Protection
Status: Future model; Guidelines Supporting Document available.

Business Overview

Special Notes:

Supporting Document (4/1997)

See also Assumptions in the supporting documentation.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration


Narration   Overview (Use Case) Diagram







Receives Price Catalog and select product from price catalog which are coded for a price protection claim.

Price Catalog (832)


Price Change Notification


Special Inventory Reporting
– Creates an Inventory Report for the price protected products which are identified in the Price Catalog.
– Inventory count should be taken at the close of the business day before the price effective date.

Inventory Report (846)

Compares inventory from distributor to their own inventory records.


Applies price changes (increases and decreases) to open orders

Price Change Acknowledgment (865)

(Same day as 2) Re-evaluate prices on distributor's open orders and issue re-acknowledgments


Applies price changes (increases and decreases) to catalog.

Price Catalog (832)

Evaluate and update price catalog.


Create Debit Memo using inventory counts.

- Use the product list from the 846 Inventory Report or the 832 Price Catalog.

Debit Claim or Request Credit (812)

Reviews Debit Memo to their calculated credit memo.

- In-Transit products not accommodated at this time.


Reviews the debit claims/credit memo(s).

Issue Credit (812) (include rejects), debit approvals, and denials.

Issue Credit Memo(s)


Create additional Debit Memo (due to discrepancies).

Request Credit (812) (Discrepancies)

Review subsequent Debit Memo(s)


Review the actual Credit Memo or reason for denial

Issue/Deny Credit (812) (subsequent)

Issue more Credit Memos or Denials

Repeat Steps 6a and 6b as necessary.

Last updated 01 February 2003