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Financial Scenarios - Index

Cross-Reference of Business Processes and Business Documents  - Includes X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, OAGIS
Financial Scenarios Component Business Models
  • Index to be developed

Financial Models:  General Information and Considerations

Class: Financial Business Processes (Future offering.)

General Notes and Recommendations Applying to all Models and Scenarios

These are recommendations that apply to many models and their transactions or messages.  The recommendations have not all been updated (yet) to include cross-references to RosettaNet and OAG, but the general principles apply.


Financial Scenarios - Frequently Asked  Questions


Financial Scenarios Matrix

The Financial Scenarios Matrix shows the different methods for the processing of financial transactions.

Financial Scenarios

Bundled Payment/Remittance Unbundled
Remains Bundled Unbundled by Value-Added Bank Unbundled by 3rd Party Service Provider Unbundled Payment/Remittance Unbundled Debit
Traditional Invoice FIN1.1 FIN1.2 FIN1.3 FIN1.4 FIN1.5
Pay On Consumption FIN2.1 FIN2.2 FIN2.3 FIN2.4 FIN2.5
Returns - Net Payment Due to Seller FIN3.1.1 FIN3.2.1 FIN3.3.1 FIN3.4.1 FIN3.5.1
Returns - Net Payment Due to Buyer FIN3.1.2 FIN3.2.2 FIN3.3.2 FIN3.4.2 FIN3.5.2
Invoice Component BP1 BP1 BP1 BP1 BP1
Payment Component tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd
Remittance Advice Component tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd


Last updated 01 January 2003