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EIDX Order Models - Supporting Documentation

Data Requirements for Order Models

Special Notes:           

Order Contents and Data Requirements

This section contains a "technology-independent" view of the data requirements for Forecast/Planning requirements.  The individual business content and technology standards have specific requirements - see Index of Cross-Reference of Business Processes and Business Documents for more information.

Some basic data items are common to many ordering processes.  Most purchase order types contain these basic data items:

In addition to basic data items, different order types have different purposes and different data contents.  UML class diagrams are used to model data elements common to all order types, elements that are specific for each order type, and relationships between the data elements.  The lists of data elements above and on the diagrams is not exhaustive.  Implementation Guidelines contain technology-specific details of data requirements.

Some information on how the data elements are used are described in Typical Back-end Processing - Buyer and Typical Back-end Processing - Seller.

Last updated 03 January 2003