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Pre-Order Model 6 - Discrete Ship-from-Stock and Debit Authorization, Version 1.0 
Status:  Balloted and ratified by membership via Distributor Scenario 2 ratification, August 2002

Business Overview

Special Notes:

Allows a distributor to request an after-the-fact price reduction in a product already purchased from component supplier, in order to reduce the resale price while maintaining an acceptable profit margin.  The component supplier can respond with an approval or a denial of the request.  If approved, the component supplier establishes an effective date and expiration date for the authorization. 

See also Assumptions in the supporting documentation.

Overview (Use Case) Diagram    Narration


Narration   Overview (Use Case) Diagram

Step Description
1. This model:  The distributor sends a request for a discrete Ship-from-Stock and Debit (SSD) Authorization, and the component supplier sends back a response; the response may approve or deny a product for SSD.  If the component supplier approves the authorization request, it may be approved only for a certain time period and specify effective and expiration dates.  For Blanket SSD Authorizations, Pre-Order Model 7 should be used.
2. - 5. The graphic above contains a representative scenario.  See index for links to adjacent models and  scenarios using this model.

Last updated 01 February 2003