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Pre-Order Model 8 - Ship-from-Stock and Debit Authorization Status Reporting, Version 1.0 
Status:  Balloted and ratified by membership via Distributor Scenario 2 ratification, August 2002

Process Activities

Special Notes:                   


Activity Diagram (See also Narrative):



Narrative (see also Graphic):

Step Description
A. At start state A, the distributor and component supplier have a pre-established relationship, and one or more debit authorizations exist.  Start state A occurs when information requested (e.g. from inside sales for a blanket authorization, different customer, different part, credit/re-bill, authorization not on file) or distributor wants to perform audit, or transactions between distributor and customer may trigger request to confirm authorization status.
1. The distributor launches a request for an authorization status report.  The distributor uses the report to perform audits, check counts, check expiration dates, etc.
2. The component supplier processes the request.
3. The component supplier generates a report of open authorizations.
B. Start state B indicates that the component supplier may send an updated report periodically as agreed with the distributor.
4. The distributor processes the report of open authorizations.


Last updated 04 January 2003