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EIDX Pre-Order Models - Supporting Documentation

Data Requirements for Pre-Order Models

Special Notes:           

This section contains a "technology-independent" view of the data requirements for Quotation and other pricing negotiation processes.  The individual business content and technology standards have specific requirements - see Index of Pre-Order Business Documents for more information. 

Some basic data items are common to many ordering processes.  Most pre-order business documents contain these basic data items:

In addition to basic data items, different quote and pricing authorization types have different purposes and different data contents. 

Ship-from-Stock and Debit (SSD) Data Requirements

Some basic data items are common to most SSD business documents.  Most SSD exchanges contain these data items:

Responses to SSD Requests for Authorizations and Debit Claims must include:

Debit Claims must include:

"Meet Competition" quotes may include:

Design Win data requirements

Last updated 20 February 2003