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EIDX/CompTIA ECSB Procedures and Processes

Draft Position Statements

blueball.gif (104 bytes)What do EIDX and CompTIA ECSB have to offer to their members?
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Why do EIDX and CompTIA continue to do business models?

Presenters' Templates

Tips for all Presentations

  • On the slides covering sessions at the conference, don't put the date (e.g. January 28, 2002); just put day of the week (e.g. Monday).  That way you don't have to update that stuff for every single conference.
  • Don't list room locations - they tend to change, and conference attendees should refer to their agendas and changes posted by the registration desk.
  • If you use any animations, test your presentation is slide show mode before you get up in front of all those people!  Make sure your animations are in order, or remove the animations if they were unintended.
  • Spell out the meaning of an acronym the first time it is used.
  • If you use a trademark registered by another organization, you must add a trademark symbol, on the first occurrence in the presentation.  You do not need to use it on any subsequent slides.
    • A trademark that has not been registered with the U.S. or other Trademark Office is noted with a ™ . Registered trademarks are noted with a ®.  When in doubt about which to use, check the owning organization's web site or something they've published.  If still in doubt, use the ™ symbol.
blueball.gif (104 bytes)How to apply an updated Powerpoint template to an existing Powerpoint file
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Sample document using 2002 template (367KB)
Template Name Animated Master Master not Animated
EIDX/CompTIA General Presentation Template POT PPT POT PPT
Business Process Subcommittee Presentation Template POT PPT POT PPT
Business Models Template POT PPT POT PPT
Guidelines and Standards Subcommittee Presentation Template POT PPT POT PPT
Promotion and Education Subcommittee Presentation Template POT PPT POT PPT
Technology Subcommittee Presentation Template POT PPT POT PPT

Conference Templates

blueball.gif (104 bytes)Session Attendance Log - MS Word   PD
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Session Report Card Template - MS Word   PDF

Publications Templates

blueball.gif (104 bytes)Business Process
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Education and Promotion
  • (no Handbook created yet)
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Guidelines and Standards 
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Technology Powerpoint
  • no Handbook created yet)

Draft Documents

blueball.gif (104 bytes)Subcommittee Relationships and Division of Responsibilities
blueball.gif (104 bytes)EIDX Process Flow (Development, Ratification)
blueball.gif (104 bytes)BPS Process as example
blueball.gif (104 bytes)EDU Process under construction
blueball.gif (104 bytes)GSS Process under construction
blueball.gif (104 bytes)TECH Process under construction
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Balloting process
blueball.gif (104 bytes)Publication designations

Reference Material

blueball.gif (104 bytes)EIDX Business Process Framework - 1998
blueball.gif (104 bytes)EIDX Business Process Framework- Current
blueball.gif (104 bytes)GSS Handbook


blueball.gif (104 bytes)Members of Planning Team