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EIDX General Supporting Documentation
Status:  Provisional draft.  Adapted from previous published version (Balloted and Ratified by Membership, June 1997)

General Notes and Recommendations Applying to all Models and Scenarios

These are recommendations that apply to many models and their transactions or messages.  The recommendations have not all been updated (yet) to include cross-references to RosettaNet and OAG, but the general principles apply.

Downloadable Document:  Implementation Recommendations for Product and Other Identifiers (6/97) - Recommendations that apply to all transactions/messages, including Partner Identifiers.

Update to this document:  Back in 1989 or 1990, the membership approved a recommendation in a supporting document on product identification that only the Unit 'EA' (Each) should be used, and that partners should agree on the definition of "Each". "Each" could mean one piece, or one gallon, or one foot, or one carton, or whatever. So, all our guidelines were changed to indicate that EIDX uses only "EA".

We rewrote the product identification guideline in 1997 to eliminate that recommendation because there was no good business reason for the requirement. Any unit of measure code that's valid in the standard is acceptable.

Our guidelines did not get updated to reflect the change. Just treat the recommendation of "EA" as an example or recommendation. Partners need to use the units of measure that satisfy business and systems requirements.