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This letter last updated 09 November 2002

Facsimile machine fax) - A machine used to transmit a copy of a paper document or graphic file over the telephone lines by converting the document on paper into an electronic signal. This signal is intercepted at the other end by another fax machine, which converts it back to its original form and prints it back to paper.

Field - Individual piece of information on a record; one or more fields that make up a record. "Name" can be one field, while the "Address" is another field. The designation of individual fields allows more useful manipulation of data.  Synonym:  data element.

Field name - User-designated name for a specific piece of data in a record to identify that data, such as name, address, or city. Field names are more useful if they coincide with the information to which the y pertain.

Field separator  - Character used to separate one data field from another.

File Transfer - Transmitting files electronically from one computer to another, particularly over the internet, via modem dial-up, a DSL, or over a LAN.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - A protocol (set of rules) that uses TCP/IP (another set of rules) to  perform file transfers.

Film at 11- One reaction to an overwrought argument: "Imminent death of  EDI predicted. Film at 11."

Firewall - A combination of specialized hardware and software designed to keep unauthorized users from accessing information within a computer network.

An intranet firewall contains an enterprise's private computer network so that it cannot be accessed by directly from the public internet by those outside the enterprise.

An extranet firewall allows selected outsiders, such as an enterprise's customers or suppliers, to access a part of a network that is controlled by the enterprise, but is outside the enterprise's intranet firewall.

Flame - Online yelling and/or ranting directed at somebody else.  Often results in flame wars, which occasionally turn into holy wars.

Fortune cookie - An inane/witty/profound comment that can be found around the net.

Fragmentation- In on-line commerce fragmentation refers to an industry or market segment that has many buyers and suppliers, rather than a few dominant players.

Framework - 1)  A supporting structure around which something can be built.  2) A basic form or outline.  3) A set of ideas, conditions, or assumptions that determine how something will be approached, perceived, or understood (frame of reference).  c.f. Architecture.

Framework (message framework) - A template containing a sequenced set of all groups/segments which relate to a functional business area (or multi-functional business area) and applying to all messages defined for that area (or areas). [TRADE/WP.4/R.633]

Freeware - Software that doesn't cost anything.

Functional Acknowledgment (FA) - See Receipt Acknowledgment.

Functional Group - One or more messages of the same type headed by a functional group header service segment and ending with a functional group trailer service segment. [UN/EDIFACT Procedures]

Functional Requirement - Identification of the business or administrative needs to be met. [UN/EDIFACT Procedures]