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This letter last updated 08 November 2002

Java - A platform-independent programming language developed by Sun Microsystems with the World Wide Web in mind.  It is based on C++ and object-oriented techniques.  I can be used to design an application that runs on a single computer or an application that is distributed over several computers.  A very common use of Java is to make a web page interactive build a mini-application - a Java applet - that is embedded within the web page.

Junk Mail - No, the internet did not solve this problem.  a/k/a "spam" after the meat product that was was on the canteen menus once or twice too often during World War II.  Hard as they may try, the current variety of anti-spam/junk mail filters invariably let the stuff that's junk get through and the stuff that's not junk (from the friend you haven't heard from in years and isn't in your e-mail address book) gets nuked.

Just In Time (JIT) - An inventory management methodology where goods are delivered just before they are needed for manufacturing, eliminating the necessity to store inventory at the manufacturing location. 

  • A JIT strategy should involve all relevant parts of the supply chain; if the supplier of the inventory is not utilizing a JIT methodology, JIT may only serve to shift the cost of carrying inventory to another point in the supply chain.
  • A successful JIT strategy is aided by use of collaborative methods, decision support systems, and closed-loop MRP.