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EIDX Glossary

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This letter last updated 17 December 2002

Object - A tangible or abstract thing of relevance to business; a data item.  In general, it's anything that can be individually selected and manipulated.

ODETTE - Organisation for Data Exchange through Tele-Transmission in Europe.  Developers of Automotive industry EDI message standards and file transfer protocols.

Off Book Pricing - Special prices quoted to a customer that are different than the "book price" published in a pricing catalog.  Off Book Pricing may be a reward for a Design Win, or may the result of a Meet-Competition Quote or a Ship-from-Stock and Debit Authorization.

Offline - When your computer is not connected to a host system of any kind or the internet, you are offline.  Not the same as being hung or down, but it can feel like it to your friends.

Omission - Exclusion in an actual message of one or more units of data which are defined as conditional in a message type specification. [ISO 9735]

Online - When your computer is connected a host system or the internet, whether connected to an online service, a bulletin-board system or a public-access site.

Open-EDI - Electronic data interchange among multiple autonomous, heterogeneous Business Information Systems to accomplish an explicit shared business goal according to Open-EDI standards with no human intervention and no prior trading agreements.

Open-EDI Standard - A standard that complies with the Open-EDI Reference Model, ISO/IEC 14662.

Open Network - A network with which outside parties can communicate.

Open Standard - Refers to a published standard that is made freely available to any person or business for (no fee, no strings).

Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) -  Structure based on a 7 layer model developed by ISO which provides a framework for building protocols that allow different computer manufacturers' machines to communicate with one another.  The layers are:

Optional (O) - Data element requirement designator indicating that the item is neither mandatory nor conditional.

Organization  - Unique framework of authority within which a person or persons act, or are designated to act, toward some purpose.

Outsource - Engage a third-party to perform a service, such as manufacturing, consulting, training, programming, etc.   c.f.  Subcontract.