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This letter last updated 08 November 2002

Validation - a/k/a Compliance Checking.  Process used to ensure that a transmission complies with a given standard's syntax rules.  Compare with Error Checking.

  • Using compliance checking that validates the contents of a transmission file against the standard's data dictionary can result in less complicated maps, because you don't have to build in as much error-handling logic.  For example, if the standard says that a data element must be numeric, you don't need to build that check into the map because bad data will be caught by the compliance checker.

Value Added Network (VAN) - A privately owned network that provides a services for a fees. A Value Added Network usually offers some service or information that is not readily available on public networks.   Today's VANs offer a lengthy list of services.

  • For expanded definition, click here.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) - See Reseller.

Value-Added Services - In eMarketplaces, any services offered to buyers and sellers beyond simple listings of bids and offers. Examples of eCommerce value-added services include insurance, financing, secure communications between transaction parties, and complete transaction receipts, etc.

Vendor - Same as seller.

Version Number - A number identifying the status of a message type. See Version/release.

Version/release - Indication of the periodic issue of a UNTDID or a UN/EDIFACT TRIAL Directory and of their respective sets of message types and their supporting material.

Vertical Markets - In a business-to-business context, refers to the sale of goods or services to companies in specific market segments with specialized needs.

Virtual Enterprise - Multiple enterprises linked systematically so that they collaborate on business processes as though they are one enterprise.  Especially, linking buyers and sellers together so that they can collaborate in areas such as product design and inventory management.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - A network that uses public network infrastructure - usually the internet - but is made to act like a Private Network by use of PPTP and other security protocols.  VPNs are less expensive than private networks.  Companies use VPNs to allow employees who are telecommuting or traveling to access the company's intranet.  It is also used to secure a company's extranet.

Virtual Private Marketplace - An extranet or other secure on-line tie where suppliers can bid on business from sellers, or complete transactions based on terms that may have been previously negotiated, online or offline.