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Implementation (Technology) Options

The Basics of eBusiness Implementations
including Basic Implementation Options

Special Notes:  

    Basic Implementation Options - Business User View
    Mixing and Matching Implementation Options
    Factors to Consider When Choosing Implementation Options
    Barriers to Electronic Commerce
    Basics You Need for Implementation (Software/Hardware/Resources)
    Design Time Implementation Steps
   Initial eBusiness Implementation
   New Trading Partner
   New Business Process/New Business Document
    Index of Technology-Specific Implementation Views and Recommendations


When a company decides to automate document and data exchanges with their trading partners, several decisions need to be made in order to come up with a specific implementation plan.  Individual implementations mix and match implementation options that can be categorized as Discovery and Negotiation layer decisions, Business Content layer decisions, Business Integration layer decisions, and Messaging and Communications decisions.

The EIDX/CompTIA Internet Commerce Model (ICM) is written in the form of a "white paper" and describes these layers with respect to internet standards.  It is a good introductory resource.  These implementation options are discussed here to provide information useful to an implementer trying to make decisions about how an implementation will be done, including recommended best practices for mixing and matching technologies from the three technology

This section of the web site discusses implementation options and how they are mixed and matched in more detail.

Basic Implementation Options - Business User View

The following graphic is a high-level summary of the most commonly used implementation options for transacting business electronically.  See documentation on the different implementation options for more details.

Larger image here.

EDI Electronic Data Interchange
ISP Internet Service Provider
PTP Point-to-Point connection
VAN Value-Added Network
VPN Virtual Private Network
XML eXtensible Markup Language

Last updated 02 March 2003