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Implementation (Technology) Options

Barriers to Electronic Commerce

Special Notes:  

Barrier Large Enterprise Small-Medium Enterprise
Global Barriers
Other priorities X X
Little or no understanding of EC technologies X X
Legal requirements for the country or cross-border commerce preclude doing business electronically X X
Non-subsidized or customized mapping required for each partner X X
Back-end application not enabled for EC X X
Variability of business rules X X
Volumes of transactions, collaborative processes don't justify costs X X
Disorganized supply chains X X
Functionality lost in transitioning to next-generation back-end applications X X
Other X X
Barriers to Fully Integrated Solutions
Costs of integration too high; volumes don't justify need X X
Off-the-shell applications don't support automatic/instant integration X X
No automatic ability to interface with PC-based applications or tools such as Excel, Lotus X X
Barriers to Legacy EDI
High VAN charges (perceived) X X
Shortage of EDI-literate resources X -
Barriers to Internet Commerce
Internet network does not exist or is unreliable in the company's country X -
No internet access or access limited to one workstation/server - X
Internet access not enabled for the employees that need it X X
Cost of internet access - X
High speed internet access not available X X
Connections too slow (even with high speed access) X X
Internal networking infrastructure not set up X
VPNs and network security not standardized X X
Limited interoperability between vendor products X X
Not willing to sacrifice investment in legacy solutions X X
Barriers to XML
Shortage of XML-literate resources X -
Shortage resources literate in specific XML vocabularies (e.g. RosettaNet-literate, OAGIS-literate, etc. X -
Partners don't use the same XML semantic standard X X
"Low cost" solutions are still too expensive - X

Last updated 02 March 2003